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Video Editing- Using Technology to Improve Your Youth Football Team

Game film is by far the best teaching tool youth coaches have at their disposal today. But how you use it will determine how much bang you will get for the time investment. If you’ve never used game film before or never used Hudl before you will be kicking yourself in the pants for not going to it sooner after you use it the first time. It is one of the biggest no-brainers you can do as a youth coach.

Back in the day we used to take the game film, download it to the computer and then burn disks for all the coaches for Monday practice. Burning  15 disks for me was a big pain and sometimes I even forgot to bring the burned disks to practice. By the time the coaches had a chance to watch the film it was Thursday practice and the week was shot. In order for film to be of use, you have to make it available quickly. Don’t even get me started on what a disaster and time waster team film sessions were, more trouble than they were worth.

We now use Hudl, it is an internet based system. Once we upload the film from our computer to Hudl, an e-mail goes out immediately to the coaches letting them know the film is ready to watch, we do that the night of the game. The coaches then have the ability to draw over the film using the “telestrator” function. You can also type in text boxes all over the screen. When your “telestrations” or text boxes appear, the film is frozen so the players can see your instruction.

Imagine you’re running a 16 power and your right end blocks out rather than down. You could draw a circle around the right end with your mouse, draw an arrow to his down block and type in a text box: Right End, you block down, not out on the 16 power. Hudl allows you to create file tags for every play, so you can search on all your 16 powers ranked from best to worst or even by formation or yards gained.  

If you’ve ever tried to do a team or individual highlight film, you know it is very easy to sink 50-60-even 100 hours into it. With Hudl you simply make up a roster and every time a player has a great play, you just click on his name and a personal highlight “file” of all his great football plays is kept. Same for the team, simply click on the team highlight, defense highlight, big hits highlight, blooper highlight etc. At the end of the season you can easily cut team and individual highlight DVDs of all your team and indivuduals best football plays, in fact the parents can do this themselves from home.

If you’ve ever had a team film session, they are usually a huge waste of time. But from the comfort of home, kids and parents eat this up. It’s like getting a free practice without going to the field.  If your kids have grandparents that live 1,000 miles away, they can watch the game, securely using Hudl. There is a coach control report which shows you how much time each player has watched the film as well.

You can even download opponents game film and do scouting in that fashion.

This is a very powerful took but was developed with the non technical coach in mind. I worked with Hudl to help pare down their High School and College product to one that fit the needs of the youth coach. While Hudl costs teams like the New York Jets, USC, Nebraska and Minnesota thousands, while you can get the youth version of Hudl for just $225 if you use the discount code “CISAR”.

Hudl isn’t a small company being run out of someomes home, they have beautiful offices right in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska and have a great customer service staff. We found them very easy to work with and the product was much easier to use than others we have tried in the past.

We use it to teach our kids and to differentiate our team from others. How many teams do you know in your league have something like this? It is a huge difference maker.

More info here on Hudl: //www.winningyouthfootball.com/watch.php

This is the press release:

Lincoln, Nebraska- Winning Youth Football a Nebraska based company that specializes in providing youth football coaches with training materials has partnered with Agile Sports Technologies of Lincoln. Winning Youth Football will be marketing Agile Sports’ Hudl video editing system to the youth football market nationwide.

Winning Youth Football President Dave Cisar describes Hudl as, “a no-brainer for youth coaches and the only product we would think about endorsing for the thousands of youth coaches that depend on us to help their teams improve. It allows us to practice less and use technology to help our kids excel.” Winning Youth Football will market Hudl through its web site and through the 25 Coaches Clinics they conduct nationwide for Nike and others.

The Hudl product allows youth football coaches to quickly upload video of their games to a secure team website and share them with players and parents. Coaches can add drawings and text on top of the video to help develop their players away from the practice field, share full games directly to parents, and allow players to build highlight videos online with music and graphics to mark where the player is on the field. Hudl can even be used for scouting purposes or to introduce plays or concepts to player via the internet.

Hudl’s youth football software is a streamlined version of the system that is being used by NFL, college, and high school programs across the country. “Hudl is quickly taking off with youth football,” says John Wirtz, Agile Sports’ Chief Operating Officer. “Every youth coach wants to do a better job of teaching their players with video and making sure parents have access to games and highlights – they love that Hudl lets them plug in their camera, click a couple buttons, and make that happen.”

About Agile Sports Technologies

Agile Sports Technologies was founded in 2006 to help coaches win.

The company’s mission is to bring talented technology leaders together with world-class coaches and athletes to develop solutions that help teams at all levels dominate their competition. For more information about Hudl, please visit www.hudl.com and for more information about Agile Sports Technologies, please visit www.agilesports.com.

About Winning Youth Football

Winning Youth Football was founded in 2005 in Firth, Nebraska to help youth football coaches make sure the young men they are coaching have a very positive youth football experience. With over a 1,000,0000 visitors to the web site Winning Youth Football offers free tips, books, instructional videos and hands on coaching clinics. For more information on Winning Youth Football, please visit www.winningyouthfootball.com.

For further information please contact:

Dave Cisar

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  1. Matt Hunniford


    How does Hudl compare to watchgamefilm.com? We used watchgamefilm last year and it was OK. I think they can do some things to make tagging plays easier, but it got the job done and it’s half the cost.

    I appreciate your thoughts and look forward to your clinic in Chicago…..

    1. davecisar

      Watchgamefilm is better than nothing, but there were some downloading time and compatibilty issues from time to time. We have had none of those problems with Hudl. They have been very responsive to our questions and very easy to work with.

      I also prefer to be able to draw over the film and make text comments over the top of the film as well to help the kids learn.

      There isn’t a way to tag plays, repository or do highlights with watchgamefilm. I save 50-60 hours doing that alone by using Hudl. I also want to use it as a teaching tool, with Hudl, Hudl will e-mail certain clips to one or all of my kids with my comments, drawings there to coach them up. Hudl is easier to use for me and just has so much more functionality for what I want to use and I’m sure I probably used just 10-20% of the features.


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