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We have been posting our weekly game results with a short synopsis here on the blog for the last 3 years. Many coaches are interested in seeing how the system is working in real life and rightfully so. Theory is just that, you want to know how the system is working in real life today on the field.

Unlike past seasons, I am head coaching just a single team this season. We have built up a nice core group of youth football coaches that have bought into our approach and have a reasonably good grasp of the system and practice methodology.

I’m coaching a 5th-6th grade team this season which means players age 10-11. We added a new 5-6th grade team this season, so we divided the experienced kids into each squad evenly via “draft” like process. We had our first 2 games last weekend. I have a group of 23 boys, 9 are brand new to football.

On Saturday we won 44-6 after leading 36-0 in the second quarter. Our first team offense scored on every possession. Our backups played the very same amount as our starters, due to the score. We have played this team in seasons past and they were intent on taking away the off-tackle, so we only ran it 8 times. The numbers simply didn’t favor it. While this team aligned well, had just 1 penalty, got into solid stances and seemed to be pretty well organized, they couldn’t answer. In our league this year, when a team is down by 21 points or more, they can choose to go running clock OR freeze the score and play by regular clock. We were up 20-0 in the first quarter, when we scored our 4th touchdown and made our 2 point PAT kick, they chose to freeze the score. The score would have been 44-6 had the score not been frozen at 28-0.

In our North American Youth Football Tournament Championship game against a team from the Vancouver Canada area, we raced out to a 29-0 first quarter lead. We are a no huddle team and we were on warp speed that first quarter. We scored on the opening play, got a fumble recovery on the opening snap on defense, scored in 2 plays and it got ugly very quickly. This team came into the game at 4-0, had all my materials and were something like 12-2 in their league last year. The 12 man game may have caused them some problems and they were a long way from home. The very nicest and generous people you would ever meet. We jumped off the gas with a 42-6 second quarter lead. Fortunately there were no injuries and in the end both teams had a positive experience. The Canadian team may have gotten a bit banged up in their Saturday game.

Our next game is against a program that I did a clinic for about 4 months ago and has our materials. They have been practicing since April. Our 13th practice is tomorrow evening.
I’m going to look at the film tonight using Hudl to see where we need work. All in all a great first half in game 1, weak second half. Too many penalties, in game 1 we had 7, game 2 we had 3. Game 2 we played well. It was great to see 2 first year players starting at the 2 and 3 back spots. In game 1 the new 3 scored 2 times and the 2 scored once. They were all smiles. The offensive line dominated in both games, zero bad snaps by the first team Center, the backup snapped to the wrong player 2 times in game 2, but we were ok.
Defensively the first team gave up a combined 3 first downs, the seconds not as good. My competitors come to this site daily and do film us, so we do not go into much detail of the play series and adjustments until seasons end in mid November.

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  1. Sean Lyons

    Hi Coach, I was wondering which Defense you are using for your team this year? 6-2 or 4-4.
    Coach Lyons
    Lake Steilacoom Lancers


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