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Game 3 Results

This Weekends Game Result. My 5-6th Grade Team

Many of you want to know how my personal team is doing- and rightfully so. My team won 28-0 over the Nebraska Football Academy of Grand Island. In a pretty tough game against a program that has been practicing since April. We played pretty well, especially on defense. We limited them to just 3 first downs while running 62 offensive snaps of our own. Was really happy with the play of our Defensive Ends on a scale of 1-10 they played a 9.5 game.  Our linebackers saw nice improvement after working them hard on pursuit angles and play recogntion last week. 

On offense we  had drives of 12,8,15 (time ran out on the opponents 1 yard line at the half), 6 (punt), 10 and 11 plays respectively. Our rookie blocking back played with great effort, but didn’t quite have his best game from an assignment perspective. But we were able to overcome that handful of execution mistakes to win the ballgame. The 25 mph winds limited our passing game to a season low 3 throws. In 3 games we have yet to turn the ball over and have gotten 5 takeaways of our own.

We were pretty flawless the previous week on offense and focused heavily on defensive fundys, and defensive team last week in practice. The day we lost due to lightning was our offensive day, but we shouldn’t have had 7 serious execution errors in our game.

They ran an “I” Formation Offense with a few interesting tweaks, the usual powers, counters, bucks, sweeps, option and play action pass plays to go along with a nice fullback G pitch play and waggle.

This week, back to the drawing board with the team offense, the kickoff team and punt return team. The offensive line has been very good, coming off the ball hard and playing to the whistle. We will start to sprinkle some fun stuff back in this week with 10 minutes of tackle baseball and Hawaiian Rules football. We also continue to develop depth by cross training players to do our base 7 plays. We are always 2 deep and try to go 3 deep with our 22 kids as we enter our 6th week.

This weeks Character Theme is- Perseverance

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