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Game 4- My Youth Football Teams Results

Game 4 Results- My 10-11 year old kids won Saturday 28-0 to move to 4-0  in a game we only lead 14-0 at the half. For the second week in a row we ran out of time inside the opponent’s 15 yard line just before the half. This team tackled and aligned well. On defense we gave up just a single first down, right before the half on a trick play we had snuffed out pretty well. The game went to running clock in the 3rd quarter. We have yet to have a turnover in 4 games and were penalized just 2 times for 10 yards. No one has yet to score on our first team defense, they are starting to play with quite a bit of confidence.

The other team rushed for negative yards and we only blitzed one snap, the entire game. We have seen a HUGE improvement since Game 1 on our kids playing assignment and alignment football. A lot of that credit really has to go to Hudl- our video editing and delivery tool. The kids see what they need to do via film – through our text comments and drawings over the film. Film also just gives you accountability, film NEVER lies, the kids get that. More info on Hudl here: //www.winningyouthfootball.com/watch.php

We purposely went into this game trying to develop depth at several positions including Center, Quarterback, Fullback, Wingback, Left End, Defensive End, Linebacker, Defensive Tackle and the entire Defensive Backfield. Of course you can always develop depth in blowout games, but there is real value in doing it against quality competition where the game is in doubt. You never know when the injury bug or the flu epidemic is going to hit your team. Last season we had a MAJOR flu epidemic hit the local school, in one week over 35% of the kids were out, 4 of our kids missed our game that week. One of our opponents had 6 kids missing due to the flu in one game last year. The time to prepare for that problem is right now, not the day before the game you are short handed.

We ask kids to show us and prove to us what they can do, during practice. That is where they earn more playing time or starting positions. During games we tell kids to “put it on film.” We film every game and ask the kids to show us what they can do in real games- by doing it in real games, where we can see it on film. Saturday we found out a second team receiver can make that catch in a real game, we now have two legit pass receiving threats.

Each youth football season is different, but hopefully we all learn from our mistakes from previous seasons. Look at your teams potential and end goal and remember to look at the big picture instead of just week by week. You have to do both if your team has any chance of reaching their full potential.

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  1. ed newcombe

    Week 1 we defeated the league champions for the past 2 years in the 10-12 year old division with a score of 6-0 using your system. This is the second year I have used your system. Only gave up 4 first downs in the game with one big play of 12 yards. Weather was a factor with high winds and rain throughout most of the game. Our score came in the 3rd quarter with a 18 sweep pass. Our defense was near perfect with the DE’s not allowing any positive yards outside and one of the bear crawlers making 3 tackles in a row. We only had 1 penalty on offense for 10 yards. I also will working on depth this week. I cannot thank you enough.


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