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Game 5 Results

Game 5 Results

I’m head coaching just one team this year, 5-6th graders. We won 44-14 after being up 36-0 in the third quarter and going “mercy rule” running clock. We are now 5-0 and every game has been “mercy rule” Our first team defense gave up just a single first down for the second week in a row. We gang tackled well, played excellent pass defense and got a great pass rush, we had at least 8 negative yardage plays.

Our goal this week was to execute, develop depth and minimize mistakes. We partially accomplished that, we had just 2 penalties for a total of 10 yards. We had just 2 medium range execution errors on offense and just 2 very minor alignment errors on defense. Our offensive line fits were very good, as were our pulls. We were at over 80% contact on all pulls. We had 6 different players score touchdowns this week, in line with our goal to develop depth. 

We did however have our very first turnovers of the season this week, one interception and one fumble and our special teams needs work. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfection, 5 being average youth football team, 1 being the bottom- we are at about an 8.5 on offense, 8 on defense and 4 on special teams. That is going to have to change if we want to be the best team in the State.

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  1. Coach Scott

    I could have wrote the above post myself. We played very well this week. 47-12. our special teams scored once, our defense scored twice with 3 int’s,and our offense scored on every possession. Our offense only had 22 offensive downs the whole game. Your system works very well. We are 4-0 with the toughest teams ahead the next 3 weeks.
    Good job and good luck with your season!
    Coach Scott


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