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My Game 6 Results

Game 6 Results

The 5-6th grade (age 10-11) team I’m coaching this season won 46-6 on Sunday to improve to 6-0. Our league has a new mercy rule that requires us to run just between the tackles and no passes once we are up by 21 points or more- so anything we planned on working on- had to be done early. Even though we were outsized, our kids controlled the line of scrimmage from the outset, racing to a 26-0 first quarter lead. A running clock was used in the second half.

We improved on our special teams game and had just a single penalty for 10 yards. We had just 1 major execution error on offense and 3 on defense. We improved in our areas of emphasis this week, but did give up 3 first downs in the first half, probably due to subbing pretty generously in the second quarter. We did have 2 turnovers to bring us to 4 on the season, 1 of them being a fumble by a backup running back. The game got out of hand early so we were able to get 5 different players touchdowns, while every non-striped player on the team got to carry the ball at least one time.

With 6 blowout wins to our credit this far, our kids still seem to have that sense of urgency to get better. We had 100% perfect attendance for the 3rd week in a row and we continue to perfect our fundamentals and add in nuances for our expected playoff run. Only the 4 Division Winners advance to the Championship Round out of 40 teams- so we expect to have our work cut out for us and strive to get better each and every practice.

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