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Game 7 Youth Football Results

Many of you running my system are curious to see how it is working here in one of the hearts of football passion: Lincoln, Nebraska. We won 48-14 against a .500 team to move to 7-0 for the season. As in any game we did some good and not so good things- unfortunately our filmer was not at the game, so we have to go by memory.

On the good side of the ledger, we had no turnovers for the 5th time in 7 games, had no injuries, scored on every offensive possession with no 4th downs, improved our special teams play and pass defense, blocked extremely well, played aggressively and had just 1 major execution error on offense.

On the bad side of the ledger our first team defense was scored on for the very first time all year and a team got 4 consecutive first downs against us, to this point no one had strung together even a pair of first downs together. Our pursuit angles were poor and we missed at least 2-3 tackles.

Points of extra emphasis this week will be fundamental tackling in the open field, the kicking game, offensive adjustments/formation/blocking tags and 2 minute drill- clock management. We had LOTS of competitors filming us this week and expect even more at this weekends game as we start to enter a playoff run.

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