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Game 8 Results

So many youth coaches e-mail and ask me if I am still coaching. YES, how else can I continue to refine what I do? How else can I empathize with you? How else can I prove my approach works? How else can I improve as a coach and improve the process if I’m not proving it on the field?

The only team I’m head coaching this year is a non-select 5-6th grade team. This weekend we won 42-8 over a .500 team to move to 8-0 for the season. Our first team defense gave up just 3 first downs and was not scored upon. Our kicking game has really improved every week. We got out of the game without any injuries and are looking forward to our upcoming Division Championship game. Our next opponent is also undefeated and has shut out every opponent but 1, giving up just 12 points total for the season. It should be quite the battle.

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  1. Luther Triplett

    The North Dearborn Vikings C Team and the Falcons
    B Team used your system and both won the Superbowl.
    Falcons was 10-0 and the Vikings was 14-1. I was the
    head coach of the Vikings age 7-9 team.Last year I coached the Vikings B teamand they went 2-9. They did not used your system last year.
    Thank you for your system it works, we used all of it.
    Luther Triplett.


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