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Game 11 Results

Game 11 Results

We lost our League Championship Title game 30-26 to go to 10-1 for the year. We won our 10 team division and were playing to be named the best of 40 teams in our age bracket 5-6 grade. The opponent had had just a single TD scored against their first team defense all season and just 3 total, they were very good and well coached.

Our kids came in ready, not over anxious. For effect, I chewed on an apple in the pregame “speech” to keep them loosened up, several of them “got it” and were smiling broadly and giggling a little. This game was a huge buildup and I didn’t want them to come in tight or like the game was a big burden hanging around their neck.  We scored on our first 2 possessions and had them stopped on 4th and 2- they were punting, we line up with 12 on the field. First time in 21 seasons. Our mprs were getting snap counts coming in on punt return- adding 2 to the line-my bearcrawler coach- first year guy- watching the game instead of coaching it. My fault, they get the first and go on to score.

Up 26-14 in 4th, they score, kick onsides, my mpr is deer in the headlights, last guy in line. They hit reverse pass on 4th and 12, we have him wrapped up, one of my kids comes in for the assist and knocks my best player off the tackle, they score.

Mistakes I made: wasn’t aggressive enough with the playcalling in second half.  We aren’t allowed to throw once up by 3 TDs so it hamstrings the flow a bit when you have won 9 of 10 games by 3 TDs and scored 3 TDs in the first quarter of maybe 6 of those. Spent lots of time this week on offensive and defensive adjustments which we executed pretty well, but we didn’t spend as much time on special teams as we should of. They hit 3 of their 4 PATs, we only hit 1.

We were healthy, had just 20 yards in penalties and had just the one turnover. The kids played real hard. We got the 2 foot trophy instead of the 6 foot trophy LOL. Very proud of our kids efforts, great season. HUGE crowd. They were heartbroken, crying etc, really invested. Great sports, kids, fans, coaches. Of course took 100% of the blame. I had the kids point to me as the one who lost the game-  the one kid who knocked our guy off the receiver, was inconsolable, as was the kid who had the deer in the headlights.

My choice as I took the absolute 3 worst players to prove a point and we didn’t quite manage our true 6 mprs playing time equation well enough to pull out the win. Really proud of the kids.  Hats off to the gutsy play of our opponent, they played and coached well for 40 minutes. We were invited to play at Kansas State Universitys, Bill Snyder Stadium next week against a pretty good all 6th grade team, that has been together for 4 years. We will see how our kids bounce back. Ive got 13 5th graders and 10 6th and 13 are first year players, will be quite a test.

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  1. Willie Keene

    Sorry to hear about your loss, sounds like you had a great season. First time I posted on your blog. I have been coaching for 8 seasons running the veer and a freind purchased your book for me and I gave it a try. I was very skeptical at first, but I love the character development and the offense has made a believer out of me. We went 7-1 (scoring 221 points) during the regular season but lost our 1st playoff game. Mostly because I am still new to calling plays in this offense and I need to get better at making adjustments and didn’t call enough pass plays to keep the defense honest. I also coach j.v at the local high school and you are correct. Teams that do not run this offense cannot run the scout offenses effectively in practice to give their 1st team defense good looks. We are playing Apopka J.V. tonight and they run single wing. Head coach got upset when I changed his plays in practice to run them correctly (16 power and 16 pass that went for TD’s when blocked correctly, with scout team kids against 1st team D). I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the tools to better teach these kids that I am entrusted with. I have learned more about coaching in a single season than all of my 7 previous seasons combined (and that is with my teams going a combined 21-6 with a playoff appearance in 3 seasons). I also had the pleasure of every one of my kids (all 27on the roster) carrying the ball in a meaningful game because they could all run the 16 power and we had big leads in 6 of the 8 games. Keep up the great work, and thanks for giving back so the rest of us can get better and give these kids a reason to keep playing football.

    1. davecisar


      Congrats on a great season, all the credit goes to your boys and you. Love to hear you did so well and got everyone excited about playing the game we all love so much.


  2. Jacky Allard

    Congrats Dave on a great season! You are not to blame for the loss. It sounds like from hearing about the other team that they had a lot of talent and got the breaks that you guys didn’t. There is a percent of luck involved during certain games. No matter how great of a system or coach one is, anybody can be beat on any given day.

    Good luck with your epic game at Kansas State University. That will be a game the kids, coaches, and parents will never forget!!!

    Jacky (Homebase– #1 Oregon Ducks)


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