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Game 10 Results

The 5-6th grade team I’m coaching won our semi-final playoff game 43-6 to go to 10-0 after sprinting out to a 24-0 first quarter lead over the Division Champions of ten team pod. They were 7-1 coming into this game but our kids really came to play. With our probable Super Bowl opponent filming in the stands we were hoping not to have to break out our entire playbook and we didn’t have to. We were able to sub early and often, getting 11 different players the football, while a rookie player became the ninth different player to score a touchdown for us this year in the blowout win. In the second half we only ran 3 different plays and in the 4th quarter we run just 2 different plays. Our first team defense did not give up a score.

Our next game is against the Division Champions and semi-final winner of the other side of our 40 team grouping. This team has had 1 touchdown scored against its first team defense all year while allowing only 3 touchdowns total. They are a very well coached and athletic team that will pose quite a challenge.

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