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Youth Football Coach of the Year Awards

Coaches, please update us on how your season went if you used our system. This year we will be awarding our Coach of the Year, Program of the Year and Worst to First Coach of the Year Awards. This is the third year we’ve done these awards.

Coach of the Year- Awarded to the coach who has shown the most consistent excellence throughout the season from a wins and losses perspective.

Program of the Year- Awarded to the youth football program who best exemplifies the “Winning Youth Football” philosophy of having consistently competitive teams across the organization, but also have high retention rates and a reputation for sportsmanlike play.

Worst to First Award- Awarded each year to the coach whose team exhibited the most dramatic turnaround this season using the Winning Youth Football system. This is the award that is of most interest to me, we had 168 entries last season.

Please take the time to share your stories. Please include your name, your team name, age group and record.

Just send me an e-mail at coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com with the details of your story. Entries must be in by December 25th 2010. We will make our award announcement on January 6th. Award winners will receive an impressive trophy and will be presented at local clinics or mailed to you.

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  1. Tim Dirr

    Hey Dave,
    I must say it has been a very fun and emotional year. I coach the K/1 Orange Lakota Stallion Football Team in Liberty Township, Ohio. I was asked to Head Coach in June and only had 5 players. Finally, in August we, had 14 players that included 2- 4 year olds, 6 kindergartners, and 6 1st graders in which, we were all first year…including the coaches.
    No one ever thought that we would even make it to the playoffs. I really studied your book and the Single Wing. I am here to proudly say that we didn’t lose a game in our division, but we played 2 teams in a higher level and were beaten. We were winning our Super Bowl 16-0, but our 2 best players were injured and we lost 34-24 against a team that had 30 kids. Our record was 8-3 for the year but the Single Wing worked great and I was impressed how easy it was to follow.

    Coach Dirr

    1. davecisar

      Coach Dirr,

      Congratulations on a great season. Ron Jennings does an excellent job with your group. The Lakota Stallions is a great model for youth programs to copy.


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