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What Was Your Best Fundraising Project?

What Was Your Best Fundraising Project?

We all HATE fundraising don’t we? I’ve run two large organizations and my kids participate in a variety of activities that have fundraising projects, we all hate them.

When I was at the AYF and Pop Warner National Championships, I interviewed over 70 coaches and asked them what the 3 biggest obstacles they had to overcome that season. Over 90% of the coaches answered fundraising. Not only do teams that are traveling have to fundraise in order to be able to travel, most youth football organizations have to fundraise to stay afloat.

What were your best and worst fundraisers?

Coaches and league organizers need to know which ones were big hits and which ones were bombs. I know from personal experience from doing everything from candy sales, raffles, golf tournaments, fireworks stands, getting grants and doing auctions, which were worth our time and which ones just weren’t worth the effort.

We are going to take the 3 best ideas and the 3 worst ideas from you and share them with our audience. Those that contributed those ideas will win $100 in Books or DVDs or Clinic seats from Winning Youth Football. Your entry must be in by February 1st to qualify. Let us know how much money you made, how much time it took and how many kids were involved. Give us a little detail on how the fundraiser worked or failed and why you thought is was good or bad.  Please include the company name as well, if you used a vendor. If you are like me, you love seeing people succeed but just like on American Idol most of us have a hard time looking away when someone really bombs too, so send us your failures as well.

When you are coaching youth football unfortunately that means sometimes you have to suffer through fundraising. Please share your experiences so we can all benefit from it. Send all entries to coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com

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  1. Tm Gray

    This year we had a fundraiser for our youth football that consisted of a dunkin booth (with coaches)and some of those big air up bouncies. We had some locals smoke boston butts, chickens, and stew. We also had some local bands play for free. We raised 9400 dollars in one day thats pretty good for one day of work with a town of about 500 people. WE charged a dollar to do each activity or sold arm bands for 10 dollars for unlimited play.

  2. K.B.

    Our best fundraisers were 1) Silent Auction at our fall festival (net about $16K with $1K outlay), 2) carnation sales for Valentines Day (a little message attached. $2 for 1, or $5 for 3), and then our spirit nights with local restaurants that gave our school a percentage. This netted around $200 each month. There would be a box next to the register where people could put their receipt, and the business gave us 5-10% for the night. It was a steady income, but I would shop around.
    Another great one was a business that is normally open for dinner only, allowed the cheer squad and football players wait on customers during a 1 day only for breakfast, in which they only served pancakes and a choice of 3 drinks. Very basic, but 100% of the proceeds went to the school. They made something like $1,000 from that in 2 hours. Good luck!


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