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Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Winners

Youth Football Coach of the Year Winners 

We are pleased to announce the Winning Youth Football National Coach of the Year Awards for the 2010 season.

Organization of the Year:Santa Monica Vikings- Santa Monica California
 Hampstead Ravens- 8-10s- Hampstead Maryland
Coach of the Year: Todd Reeves Topeka Wolverines, Topeka, Kansas
Worst to First Coach of the Year: Robert Conely, Wellington, Florida

Every year it gets harder and harder to choose a single winner. It was literally gut wrenching to have to select a winner from all of the entries. There were so many deserving coaches it was embarrassing to have to choose the winners from such an amazing group of coaches this year. Take some time to read their stories, from National Championships to 100% retention to going from laughing stock to the king of the mountain, all of these teams and organizations had memorable seasons.

Come back to the testimonials page next week, we should have over 150 new stories to read. Thanks to everyone who took the time to describe your season and remember we do this for the kids memories. No award or lack of one is ever going to change the experiences you were able to etch into the permanent memories of your players.

Here are the winners stories:

Dave- I just wanted to let you know that the Santa Monica Mitey-Mite, JPW, and Midget teams will compete in the AYL National Championships this year. We had 5 teams in our local championship. Thank you for all of your input as it relates to football and ministering to inner city youth. I know you usually attend the Pop Warner and AYF Championships. Please check us out. Our organization has truly benefited from your books and videos. We are Winning Youth Football disciples and appreciate what you have done for our organization.

De Andre’ Parks, CFA
Santa Monica Vikings

Note- Coach Parks team won the AYF Mitey Mite National Championship in Kissimmee, Florida and beat another team from New York in the finals that were also running the Winning Youth Football system. Their Midget team also won a National Championship while their Junior Pee Wee team finished third.

Dave Cisar, We had another fantastic year using the Winning Youth Football System. This was our 4th consecutive year implementing your system and if you recall we were at one time the youngest group to use your system starting at age 5-7 back in 2006. You were shocked that we ran the 31 trap so well. This year’s team was an 8-10 team (115 lbs). We just came off an undefeated regular season last year at Federal Division IV (non-select) averaging 40 points a game and only gave up 2 TD’s.

We were moved up two divisions to American Division II (Select). Still maintaining non-select status, we did extremely well dominating teams that selected the best 18 out of 60-100 kids. We had 26 non-select and 8 of which had absolutely no experience. Our average kid weighs about 85 lbs. Competing against very athletic, Baltimore city teams, where the average kid was tipping the scales between 105-115 lbs. Several new parents told me in the beginning that they feared for our boys’ safety. We had no size and absolutely no speed. We defeated the two time and two years undefeated Centennial Division III Champions out of Baltimore 38-0. The referees couldn’t believe it. Everyone loved watched us playing these much more talented, bigger and athletic teams and putting it on them.

Our secret was your system as well as working the boys smart and getting them prepared mentally with Character Development. One specific National Program out of Germantown, MD laughed at us before the scrimmage and asked us if we were sure that we want to play. They were big, fast, athletic and had a swagger. Their parents mocked our kids by saying “we plan to have Ravens for lunch.” By half-time their parents want to kill their head coach. He kept screaming “It’s just a scrimmage, it’s just a scrimmage.” We DOMINATED them all afternoon.

This is our 4th year in a row that we are at 100% retention of our kids, a record in our program and league. Every week as you did we sent an email every Monday with the Character Development of the week with an excerpt from the book. We asked the parents to review each night during the week and the top 4 kids in each practice that exemplified these Character Traits would get our famous “Foundation Rock” with the Character Trait of the week written on the Rock.

This year was by far our best using the Winning Youth Football system. It worked very well every year since we started with you and even in the new spring indoor (8 Man football) arena league that I helped found this year. We averaged in indoor 40 points a game and one game we hit 60 points. We were the 1st Champions of the Youth Arena Bowl at the Baltimore 1st Mariner Baltimore Arena 42-6 against a much bigger and faster team. I also took over a failing older team after 3 weeks of spring ball I never saw or coached any of these boys before, we averaged well over 35 points a game and 5 shutouts. We took that team to an undefeated regular indoor season finishing 7-0. Your Single Wing system works whether it’s outdoor or indoor, 11 Man or 8 Man football. The philosophy works, the practice methodology works, the plays works. Thanks again for your help throughout the years for taking all my calls and giving me personal attention when you had a million other things to do in your life. You’ve been a good mentor and friend. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Tony Holland
Hampstead, Maryland

Dave, This marked the final fall season for the Topeka Wolverines. For a team of everyday kids that just loved the game of football, I can’t imagine a more fitting end for this group. We had the perfect storm of capable coaches, hard working kids, and X’s and O’s that came together to form a championship caliber team. We played tackle as a 2nd grade team in a predominately 3rd grade league. We were competitive, but we lost every game. In 3rd grade we were a bit more competitive and won half of our games. I will never forget the jubilation of the kids after that first win! In 4th and 5th we continued to progress and started running Your Single Wing and implementing your practice strategies.

This year things just clicked. Your Single Wing offense had become second nature, and the tweaks and adjustments to it were easy to implement. Our defense absolutely swarmed, with more than half the defense in on most of the tackles. These kids truly played as a team, no standouts, no superstars, and no attitudes; they were all Wolverines and they really bought into that concept. Our first game in league play and our last game in league play were two of the top teams in town. We beat both teams in very good games, and mercy ruled everyone else in between. The fact that I am most proud of, is that we had 22 kids on the team, and by the end of the year, we had 21 starters and the one kid that wasn’t a starter still got a ton of playing time as a backup. Our coaches did a great job of developing kids throughout the year, to the point where we could trust them in a starting role.

These kids are in love with the game of football, and hopefully are better young men because of the time they spent with the Wolverines. It was truly a blessing from God to have these boys call me “Coach.” We won our league and won our leagues season end “Superbowl” tournament. We also won a National Championship in Las Vegas- at the “Nationals”, NYFC National Tournament. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks Dave for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it as well without you.

Todd Reeves
Topeka Kansas

2010 Ok – Here is my story- Last year and this year we had 10 teams in our division. The kids are 8&9 year olds with a maximum weight of 105 pounds. We are the WCFL in Wellington Florida. Last year my team went 1-8 and only scored 14 points the entire season. That summer, I found your products and purchased the following:

1) Implementing the Single Wing
2) Developing a smothering Defense
3) Dominating Offensive Line Play
4) Game Day Management

This year my same team went 11-1, was the highest scoring team in the league, and won the Super Bowl. We avenged our only loss in the Super Bowl. In addition, I was voted (by our Board of Directors) to Coach our ALL-STAR team to compete for the “The Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance Championship” Which we won Last weekend. In total, With the help from your system, my teams went a combined 14-1. Won a Super Bowl and Won the Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance for the ALL-Star portion of the league. The Orange Bowl Victory was just our second in our League history which spans almost 20 Years.

Thank you

Coach Robert Conley
Wellington, Florida

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