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Single Wing 303- Taking the Single Wing Offense to the Next Level

Single Wing 303 and Developing Chemistry, Character and Confidence Step-by-Step are finally unavailable after a long wait.

Single Wing 303 Covers:

Nuances and advanced adjustments on several base plays and series
The New Buck Series
More Detail on the Burst Series
The New Super Series
Spread Single Wing
Cross Pass Series
Smoke Pass Series
Air Raid Package
14 Trap
14 Power
24 Iso
Flash Series
43 Reverse Pass

The 219 Page Book and 90 minute DVD go into detail about how to call and sequence plays, how to read defenses and how to attack specific defenses including the 4-4, 5-3, GAM, 46 Bear, 7 Diamond and 3-5-3 Stack. It also includes the main key for each play as well as the complementary play coach key.

You also get a tutorial on how to use Hudl, which includes some nice Hudl film shots and screen shots as well. This is NOT meant of the first year program using the Winning Youth Football System. First year programs are going to do very well and have their hands full executing the base offense, which includes the Base Series, Mouse Series, Full Spin, Burst Series and Spread Jet Series.

You will find with the new software program and production techniques along with the Hudl clips which are in slow motion and with telestrations and text boxes over the film, this is our best quality DVD to date. The offering includes over 300 film clips and pictures and includes both practice and game footage.

The Developing Chemistry, Character and Confidence in Youth Football Step-by-Step is 119 pages of how to bring your team together, develop trust, play selflessly and for each other while at the same time teaching coaches how to develop Character and Confidence in their players. As usual, everything is laid out for you step-by-step and includes 15 Character Development lessons you can use and e-mail to your players.

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