Empowering Coaches Step-By-Step

Starting a New Youth Football Program or Team

Many coaches have thought about starting their own youth football program. Some jump in without having a clear understanding of what you need to be successful or fail to plan effectively. Most new youth football programs fail because they just didn’t know what they needed to do to put together a successful program.

Other coaches just feel overwhelmed because they don’t know how to go about starting a new program. They are intimidated by words like articles of incorporation, 501c3, 990 tax reporting, insurance, risk management and background checks. I know how you feel, I started two different programs from scratch and probably made most of the same mistakes most first timers make. You can download this free 175 page e-book that I wrote from the web site: //winningyouthfootball.com/startinganewyouthfootballprogram.php

 It helps you to understand the details of putting a new organization together and includes:

Surveying the Area

Developing a Mission Statement

Organizational Structure


Non Profit Status Process

Reporting Requirements


Developing Stakeholders and Supporters

Practice/Game Fields

Putting Together the Board of Directors

Conducting a Board Meeting

 Volunteer Structure Job Descriptions

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

Fund Raising

Financial Management



Web Site

Public Relations

Coach Recruitment

Coach Selection Process

Coach Management

 Coaching Evaluations

Coach Training

Player Recruitment

Sign in Process

Player Management

Player Retention

Putting Together Teams

Selection Process- Dividing Teams Out

Risk Management


Partnering With Schools

Equipment Needs, Procurement and Management



Taking it Forward

Lots of Sample Forms

This is a first cut, we will be updating and refining the book over time. Hopefully it can help those out there that are looking to start a new program or maybe even audit an existing one. The more successful youth football programs out there, the more kids we can involve in the sport we all know and love so much. Dysfunctional programs fail over time, while programs that are on a solid foundation and have a well planned and executed infrastructure in most cases thrive.

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