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Game 4 Youth Football Results

Game 4 Results

Every week we give you a short overview of my youth football teams performance for the week. We are transparent and you deserve to know how my real life teams are doing on grass in real life every week.  My 5-6th grade team beat a much larger team 31-0 after leading 18-0 in the first quarter. This is a very young and small team in both size and numbers with not a lot of athleticism. We have just 19 players but they are coming together well and executing the base offense and defense near potential.

The offensive line comes off the ball well and we are averaging less than one turnover a game. We have little depth, so cross training players has been a big point of emphasis of late. Even our minimum play kids are doing a great job of getting on and off the field, aligning well and adding some value on every snap. We are 3-1 and will be playing an undefeated and unscored upon team who has been averaging over 50 points per game this weekend, it will be quite a challenge to put it mildly. We aren’t in the same solar system as that team and they will be favored to win this 40 team age grouping.

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  1. Coach Mike

    I had the same problem this past Saturday. We are very low on players this year. My team has 13 players. Well my starting tailback/qb went out after the first play with a knee injury and it kind of fell apart after that. I didn’t think about cross training players for different positions since we only had 2 weeks of practice before game 1. We practice tomorrow and that’s going to be my first priority. Our record now is 1-1.

  2. Coach D

    Sounds like your teams are doing well. We lost a very offensive competitive game last week. I’m having a very difficult time with my kids being physical on defense and making tackles. I have 21 on my Roster and had 15 available to play due to 2 concussions 1 injury outside of football and 2 on vacation. We put up 38 points but gave up 47. Defense and tackling has been the story these last 4 games. Tons of fit and freeze and all the drills in the book and come game time they play 2 hand touch.

  3. Coach Mike

    Well I found out that cross training players helps find hidden talent. We changed up our qb,bb and wb this week and played our best game yet winning 40-0. Not only did they play their best game, everyone seemed to enjoy playing their position. Thanks for the idea.


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