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Game 2 Results

Game 2 Results

My 5-6th grade team lost 6-0 against a well coached and physical team with very good team speed. We moved the ball inside the 10 two times, both times getting pushed back due to a handful of mistakes and penalties. Last week in our 38-6 win, we had no turnovers and 1 penalty. This game we had 2 turnovers and 6-7 penalties (all good calls) as our youth and inexperience showed. Their lone score came on a muffed punt return that gave them the ball near our 10. Defensively their spread offense with double slots didn’t produce much, but they did make a few first downs that limited our time on offense. We easily had twice the amount of first downs and yardage as they did.

We didn’t invest the proper amount of time in the punting game as our kicks of 15, 10, 20 and 35 yards were countered by their kicks of 35-40 yards. The effort was very good, the kids played hard and never gave up, but were disappointed in the loss. The coaching staff was very happy with the effort, but disappointed in the few mistakes that cost us a winnable game.

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  1. Coach D

    Two of anything is tough to handle coach! Congrats on the win and better luck next week. We lost a heartbreaker as well 39-33, our ball on their 40 after we scored and recovered a mob kick 40 sec to go. Ran mouse 16 power for 11 yards then 18 sweep to get out of bounds and my (son) qb gained 10 more yards and instead of running out of bounds like I told him he cut it up and was tackled time expired end of game! After the game a couple of league scouts came up and said Cisar’s stuff looks good! Even though we are 0-2 we are the talk of the league!


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