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Game 3 Youth Football Results

Game 3 Results

This weeks game results were a bit surprising. My 5-6 grade team, the weakest team I’ve probably fielded in about 15 years won 34-25 against an out of state team. We played a team from Rapid City South Dakota, a town of about 70,000 people. They traveled 9 hours to get here. This team was together for their 3rd year now and from the Air Force base there. They had not lost a game in that span and are in the largest and fastest growing league in the state. They had only been scored on 1 time in that time frame, according to their league commissioner and the scores published on their league web site. They had lots of speed and superior size as well. In our opening drive we started at our 28 and used up all but 2 minutes of the quarter to score, lots of 3rd downs and even 2 4th down conversions during the game. They got a bit frustrated on defense. I went max slowdown in the second half to try and limit possessions. Every score they had were on plays in excess of 40 yards.

We had just 2 penalties, but did turn it over 2 times and never punted. My rookie Center had a great game, but he snapped it to the wrong back on a play that led to a very costly score. The opposing team wasn’t used to getting scored on and ended up blitzing heavily in the second half and packing the box, it hurt them.

I had cliniced over 100 coaches from this league 2 years ago in Rapid City and the head coach had my book and DVDs. On offense they ran the Double Tight wishbone, some Flexbone and then went 5 wide empty, a very tough team to play in space. However we totally shut down their option game. We made some big adjustments at the half and shut them down pretty well in the second half.

I was very surprised that we were able to keep our unbeaten streak alive of never losing to an out state or out of league opponent for the 16th straight season.

Post season, we found out the team we played was made up of 6-7th graders and older lighter 8th graders.

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