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Game 5 Youth Football Results

My 5-6th grade team played pretty well in a 24-6 loss to a team that had not given up a touchdown in their first 4 games and had mercy ruled every team they played before halftime. The weakest team I’ve had in over 15 years actually made a game out of it, down just 12-6 entering the 4th quarter. We consistently moved the ball for 2-4 first downs on every possession before making a small error putting us into a down and distance we had a tough time converting. On 3 different offensive plays we had a player in the open with a 10 yard lead, only to be pulled down from behind. My squad has had just 1 play greater than 15 yards at this point in the season.

We lack athleticism, but the boys never quit playing hard. I  really like where this team is going, they never got down even after the other team scored from 60+ yards on the first play of the game or in the 4th quarter when we were down by 18 and one of our kids dropped a sure touchdown pass. On defense we gave up 2 scores that were greater than 50 yards, the other 2 scores were from 30 or more yards out. The opposing team was extremely athletic, very fast and well coached. They will be the favorites to win this 40 team age grouping.


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