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Game 6 Youth Football Results

My 5-6th grade team got back on track in dominating fashion with a 48-14 win to go to 4-2 on the season. We scored on every first half possession but one, had no turnovers and just 1 penalty. The offensive line looked sharp and we finally got 2 runs greater than 15 yards.

We were very balanced with 6 different kids scoring and the execution looked pretty sharp. Defensively we bent but didn’t break and got 2 turnovers. We tackled a bit better and played very well on the edge. Our cross training is paying dividends as a backup Defensive End has improved enough to play every down allowing us to shore up a Corner spot with what was a starting Defensive End.


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  1. Jeff

    Nice wins, keep up the good work. I would like to thank you for the the books and DVD’s you put together along with your blog entries, they have been a great help for us this year. This is our first year running the single wing, and are off to a nice start 4-1. We finally beat a team that has beaten us for the last 7 years straight, and has not lost in 4 years 20-19. We have had the same refs for 4 of our 5 games, and they say we are improving every week, which is great. I run the offense, and the coaches were leary at the start of the year about what I was doing, but now they are behind it 100%. Hopefully next year we can switch to the WT6 Def also.

    Good Luck, and thanks again.


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