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Game 7 Youth Football Results

My super weak 5-6 grade team won 6-0 in a game we had 2 touchdowns called back and 22 first downs. Yep 22 first downs but we self destructed a bit with my starting Center out due to flu. Seemingly at the most inopportune times we would have a bobble. Had 1 interception and 2 fumbles. While we racked up a lot of yards, our longest play from scrimmage was 14 yards with this unathletic team. Defensively we bent but didn’t break and gang tackled better.

With our theme of player development and at mid season cross training our small squad of 19 players ( 1 out due to broken arm), it has started to pay dividends. The development of a first year player at backup DE has helped quite a bit allowing us to now start him and move a 3rd year DE to CB. The rookie DE has progressed nicely from a CB who feared open field contact to a DE who plays his position with a great deal of discipline and great technique. The staring DE, now CB has matured size and speed wise to the point he is pretty solid at CB, allowing us to move him to tendancy and improve the defense from a level 6 to 7. At a very surprising 5-2, if we win this week we tie for a Division Title, mind you past years Divisions had 10 teams and you could never win a Division if you lost even a single game. This year 6 Divisions, different format- only 7 teams in each Division.

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  1. Jacky Allard

    I have to commend you Dave for being the top youth football coach in the nation! Win or lose, you are feared so much that teams have to scout your playbook and focus on your teams just to have a minute chance of beating you.

    I have coached youth football in Oregon for over 18 years now and have only seen one coach close to your caliber. That would be the great “Ken Morrow.” He won 90% of his games in a 33 year career (Passed away in 2000) and has a football field named after him. He was also one of the top 60 defense lawyers in the country and was the personal lawyer for the Ducks football team for over 25 years here in Eugene, Oregon.

    We coached against Ken’s teams a few times and his offenses never punted! He was also feared among the league and his reputation for winning games was also. He could win games with almost no talent at all on the field due to his genius knowledge of scouting other teams. Ken never needed video or even writing utensils to scout a team out, just his photographic memory.

    Back in 2000, we had an undefeated team facing off against one of Ken’s weakest teams ever and lost that playoff game 6-0. Ken died just two weeks after beating us that year. The ironic nature of this story is that I asked Ken “If this was his last year of coaching” since he was 74 years old. He responded back, “I was supposed to retire five years ago!” Ken lovwed coaching youth football so much that he literally coached until the day he died.

    We always envied Ken for his knowledge and passion for the game of football. After all these years have passed, we finally have an offense that is better than Ken’s vaunted offenses from the past!

    Our 4th grade football team (Pop Warner) boasts a 4-0 record this year and we are a combined 20-3 record in our three years of running the single wing offense. I can truly say that our entire coaching staff is proud to be part of ‘Winning Youth Football.’

  2. Brent Urban

    I thought Hickman was a well disciplined team and did a tremendous job against us. The coaches were awesome and I look forward to playing them again. I love the competition! We do have some great athletes but over half our team are 7th graders. There are some 8th graders that kept our team in the game but that should be expected of kids getting ready to play High School ball. My hat is off to the Hickman team and their coaches. Great Job! I look forward to another great game this Saturday.


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