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Game 8 Youth Football Results

Game 8 Results

My weak 5-6th grade team pulled off the improbable with a 25-6 win over a team that had just 1 loss to be crowned Division Co-Champions. With a team that had just 2 offensive plays beyond 15 yards all season, finishing the regular season at 6-2 is very satisfying.

The team we played had 5 “striped players” compared to our 2 and we matched up well. To be fair, the other team was missing its starting Quarterback/ Middle Linebacker and when you only have 21 kids on the team, that can be a big difference maker. We have 2 kids out due to broken bones, but only 1 player was a 2 way starter and while he is our 3rd best scorer, he isn’t to our team what that Quarterback was to our opponent. We will gladly limp to the finish and call it a season after our last game next week. This was the best game we played all year with just 1 penalty and 1 turnover and we finally got a long play to go along with the long drives.


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