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Game 9 Youth Football Results

Game 9 Youth Football Results

That very weak 5-6th grade team I was so worried about beat a 6-1 team 40-24 to close out our season at 7-2. We were up 40-16 very early in the third quarter after scoring on every first half possession to take a 33-16 halftime lead. That allowed us to get some other players the ball as the game was well in hand. We threw for 2 touchdowns as the defense was getting desperate to stop our 5-7 yard per rush attack. We didn’t commit any turnovers and had just 1 penalty in the blowout win.

This was a very satisfying season for a group that most people thought wouldn’t even get to .500. The execution on both sides of the ball was simply outstanding, by far our best game of the year. This was definitely one of my more satisfying teams I’ve coached over my youth football coaching “career.”


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