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2011 Pop Warner and AYF National Championships

Pop Warner and AYF have over 1,400,000 kids playing and are getting ready to play their National Championships in Orlando on December      3-10. Hundreds of teams from all over the country are playing playoff games this weekend to qualify to get to the promised land of Florida and a chance to win a National Title.

For the third year in a row I will be there observing, studying and just enjoying a great youth football experience. Last year there were 11-12 teams in the tournament running the Winning Youth Football System and we had Champions in both tournaments. Early word is several of our system users have already qualified for the AYF tournament while many others are looking to play their way into both tournaments this weekend. Best of luck to you.

In past years I’ve been able to help a number of these teams out in these tournaments, this year will be no different. Please feel free to contact me via phone 402-730-8151 or e-mail: coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com We will be staying at the Embassy Suites near Universal. Know that we will NOT publish anything about your team until AFTER the tournament is over and then ONLY if you want us to.

Not all of us are in Pop Warner or AYF, my own teams compete in the largest league in the state, the league isn’t a member of either and is unlimited weight. Our thought is, the more kids playing this great game the better and we love to see growth in all leagues, no matter the affiliation.

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  1. Ari Franco


    My team has just won its Conference title in Los Angeles, CA. My team plays for All American Football. I was wondering if there any way that my team can join the playoffs. I can be reached at (323) 216-2473 or via e-mail.

    Thank You,
    Ari Franco

    1. davecisar

      In order to play in those tournaments, you need to be in those leagues and make it through a series of leauge and regional playoffs that have been going on the last month. If you want to play in a tournament you should look to the independent ones like the one in Las Vegas called “The Nationals”

      Best of luck

  2. Coach Dean

    Hey Coach,

    I have been following the Pop Warner National Championships as one of our Pee Wee teams made it to the tournament. I have watched several of the games that have been shown on ESPN3 and have found that much of the information that I have read on this site has been 100% accurate. For example, the comment about many good teams scoring right before half time and/or right at the end of the game. Also, I saw at least 2-3 teams that appeared to be running your WYF program. There may have been more, but since ESPN only broadcasts one game and shows very limited highlights of others I couldn’t tell if there were more. What was particularly impressive was the last 2 minutes of the College Station game where a team that had very limited success running their base offense switched to your spinner series and no huddle and started gaining 10+ yards per carry on their way to a last second win. That alone was proof enough that your program can be successful. Thanks for the program and I am hoping to get the DVD’s from Santa this year…


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