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Observations from the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships

Pop Warner and AYF National Championships











For the last 3 years I’ve attended the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships in Orlando, Florida to see some of the best youth football teams on the country compete for National Championships. It’s fun and informative to watch these diverse teams from all over the US practice and play. By nature, I’m a person that loves to study process, so this week provides me with a wealth of information I can put to use both for my own teams and to share with you. It’s also great to see old friends and to watch and help teams running the Winning Youth Football system.

This year was similar to last year at Pop Warner. In the finals on Friday, in the 4 Championship games there were 3 teams running our system. They were playing for the National Title at Midgets, Pee Wees and Junior Pee Wees (the Junior Pee Wee coach runs our system along with others). We had 2 National Titles on Friday along with an AYF National Championship win at Junior Midget on Saturday. All the credit for these teams success belongs to the coaching staff, players and parents, not us, but we are certainly proud of their accomplishments. I do know all of these coaches and had a chance to work with several of these teams on and off the field, we even cliniced one of them.

The picture is of the Hawaii Kapolei Titan Pee Wee team who ended up as runner-ups, just getting nudged out by Jensen Beach, Florida for a National Title. Coach Matavi and his team were great to finally meet and spend time with, very friendly and humble people. Coach “Matt” has been using our system with this team since they were tiny mites. Coach “Matt” is standing to my left, I’m the only guy not wearing blue, I packed light for the trip. More on the tournaments in this blog in the next day and weeks to come.

This post isn’t meant to downplay the UYF or other national independent tournaments in any way. These are large well done tournaments that are easy to get to and allow me to watch the largest number of games from a funnel of thousands of teams.

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  1. Rod Vargas

    Will Junior All American and pop warner ever play each other in a playoff type format. I know JAA doesn’t have a playoff system past their own individual conferences, something I’d like for them to incorporate. but I think it would be interesting for pop warner to maybe invite some of the better JAA teams into their regional playoffs. Check this JAA team from Glendora CA. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJVyyPkqLHE&feature=colike


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