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New Additions- Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book

Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book

In an effort to help the coaches using our DVDs to be more effective coaches, we’ve added text addendums chocked full of diagrams, pictures and detailed explanations of how and why we do what we do. This also has allowed us to add some of the new things we do without having to reshoot the entire DVD.

For the Developing a Smothering Defense DVD, this is a 170 page e-book that you get immediately upon purchase as a download. There is no extra charge for the e-book. It contains every individual position development drill, group drill and team drill we use on defense. Every tackling drill, pursuit drill, ball hawking drill and scheme implementation and development drill we do is included. It also includes more detail on our Monster, Zebra, Squeeze and Mirror adjustments to the base scheme as well as echo, Eskimo, stack, EAT and snake stunts. We also go into game planning, adjustments and scouting as well. It also includes a daily very detailed defensive day practice plan for an entire 14 week season. Most coaches use the addendum to print out individual drills, group drills, team drills, schemes and stunts to use in practice. Gone is the need to sit in front of the television and make copious notes and illegible drawings.

The Developing a Dominant Offensive Line DVD also includes an addendum now. It is about 85 pages and like the Defensive DVD is in e-book format that is instantly downloaded just a few minutes after you order the DVD. The e-book details every offensive line drill, group drill and team drill we use. It includes some new adjustments and techniques we use to develop young linemen into a cohesive team along with some great methods used to get kids excited about playing the most undercoached an unappreciated positions in youth football, the offensive line. It also includes daily practice plans for the offensive line as well as every blocking scheme and implementation tricks we use.

The Winning Youth Football Step-by-Step Plan e-book download has also been updated. Every year we make small maintenance changes to the book, this year it was more of an engine rebuild. If your book is more than 2-3 years old and is dog eared and beaten up, think about getting a new one and passing the old one on to another coach who needs one.

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  1. Mark

    Hi Dave,

    I bought your entire DVD package 6-7 months ago. Do I need to re-purchase everything to get the updated material or is there a better way?

    Kind regards,
    Coach Mark

  2. mike

    Hi coach. Do you have a way to defend against a well run wedge? Also I read about a gap air mirror defense that crabs into every gap. Any ideas for it? Thanks.

  3. Coach Curt

    Please Help,

    Hey Coach. Just ordered your o-line dvd but got word today that i’m the DC for the (6th grade)ball team. Only 2 players that can play in space. In all honesty i’m considering the 6-2 due to the lack of LBs seemingly needed, concerned about stopping the off tackle and sweep, got a book by the name of Directory of Football Defenses but don’t want to get in over my head. Long story short any suggestions on a defense wide, split, or straight 6?

    1. davecisar

      Well, join the group Coach Curt. We designed our youth version of the WT6 defense to accomodate lack of talent or “in space” players. In youth football with limited rosters and for most of us no-cuts and even minimum play rules- we have a different equation to solve than those in High SChool, College or the NFL.

  4. TOM K

    Dave, Next season I will be running the Single Wing out of an Unbalanced Line(9 year old). I have been sitting down going over blocking schemes (G.O.D) for the Sainted Six and came up with a problem. If the Defensive Line has a Defender over the RG, RT and PT and Defender over the RG goes Unblocked. I believe the solution is to call a “STAY” on 16 Power and 18 Sweep and leave the RG at Home. Hopefully it is picked up by the coach


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