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Top of the Route Drills For Youth Football Receivers

Top of the Route Drills For Youth Football

One of the great things about doing coaching clinics are the people you meet. At the Glazier Mega Clinic in San Francisco last month the driver picked me up at the airport and then went to pick up another coach. This coach was outgoing and talkative and was very interested in the youth game. He wanted to give me some ideas to use, I was all ears. For the first time in my life I was thankful we got stuck in traffic so that I could get a 90 minute one on one tutoring session from Jeff Reinbold. Jeff was the receivers coach for June Jones at Hawaii and SMU as well as coaching stints in the NFL and CFL. He had also coached youth and High School football to boot, so I was all ears.

After we reviewed some of the basics, he talked about perfecting catch mechanics at the top of the route. Instead of running the entire route, just run the last 4-7 yards of the route and practice your catch mechanics and after catch moves. Practice those throws that are behind or low like we see all the time in youth football. It allows you to get a lot more reps in a small amount of time. It also allows you to keep your receivers fresh and focused instead of running them to death. Many receivers coaches simply don’t get much indy practice time and you have to make the most out of it. This was also an approach Raymond Barry used to help him become one of the greatest receivers of all time and one we have been using the last 3 years with very strong results.

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  1. Layne

    This is very interesting. In all the clinics I have been to, this is the first I have heard of it. I really like it. I love the not running them to death and maximizing reps…

    thanks coach….

  2. Brian

    I can’t say enough how much this has helped our team. I myself being a receiver in in Youth, JV, and HS but having never coached youth football was getting a bit overwhelmed at how to get the kids to understand everything in the 30 min INDY time giving. Thanks a bunch coach!


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