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Solving the Uncomfortable Youth Football Helmet Issue

Youth Football Helmet Dilemmas

If a players helmet doesn’t fit well, you often times have an uncomfortable player who has little confidence in his gear. This can lead to problems like not blocking or tackling aggressively or even worse, injury. Most people don’t understand that not all youth football helmets are designed the same way. From a distance they may all look to be shaped in a similar fashion, but under closer examination they are not. Some are more round, while others are more oval and inside they all fit differently. We’ve found over the last 25 years of fitting kids for gear that helmet fits are often times dramatically different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Combine this with the different head shapes of kids and it becomes very apparent that the “one type of helmet fits all” model, probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. While the air compression helmets allow for a good fit for about any head shape, not everyone has those or likes those style of helmets. My organization uses helmets from Schutt, Riddell and Xenith and have used Adams, Nakona and Rawlings in the past. We found that a medium or large helmet from say Riddell won’t fit a kid well, while a medium from say Schutt or Xenith might fit him perfectly. The slight variances in design from manufacturer to manufacturer can help you make a better fit for your kids.

While there is convenience in only having one style of helmet for your youth football program, having a variety will help you make better fits over time.

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