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Goals When Playing Weaker Teams in Youth Football

This week we played a team that wasn’t very good.
We are 5-0 and every game we’ve had has been in mercy rule.
If we ran our base stuff with our first team O and D- we name the score, probably in the first half.

This is what I did for that game:

To help our team get better we set First Half Goals and shared with the team:
Score on Every Possession
No First Downs Given up on Defense
No turnovers given up
Create 3 turnovers on defense
1 Penalty or less
No missed tackles
80% significant contact on correct defender on all pull
No poor snaps
Perfect pre snap defensive alignment on every play

We always cross train in preparation for injuries and illness, bad grades etc
This week went early and often into the cross trained positions
We have 2 pretty good Centers, our 3rd teamer got some snaps early with mainly our first team offense etc All 3 of those kids start on the O-line somewhere
Our starting FB will play some QB early etc, backup 3 a bunch at 4 etc
One of my linemen coming on strong, another platteued out, so trying one at RE and moving another to LE
Having my PT run some RG
Getting the ball when game still in doubt to backup WB and 2
Getting some work at Safety for one of my starting CBs
Running all of our stunts and blitzes early and often- to put us in some bad spots

We may not win by as much, ( who cares) but it will help us prepare for a really tough stretch of games. Next week vs a 5-1 team, the following week against a team that will be 6-0 and mercy ruled every opp but 1, then hopefully 3 playoff games against an undefeated opp every week.

Those are only first half goals
Should the game go into mercy rule- we reset all the goals for the second half
Goals have to be stretched but both measurable and attainable in order for your team to improve when you play weaker teams. In the end you are playing against perfection, against yourself against where you want to be in the end.

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