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Can't We Just Practice ?

Youth football kids say the darndest things. But what they say may give you some insight on how effective your coaching has been.

We played our last game of the 2012 season this Sunday. It is starting to get cold.
We have no available home field dates for any additional games, our league season ended 3 weeks ago. It gets black dark here at 6:50, so could only practice 50 minutes outside if it was nice enough. Gym time is at a premium, basketball, volleyball and wrestling are starting up etc

So we had been telling the kids last and this week that this was our last game. Before the game we told the kids about doing their best as it’s the last game of the year. Don’t end it with bad taste in your mouth, do your very best. At halftime- again guys, this is it no more games left, do your very best, don’t hold anything back. I’m not the rah rah type, this was more of a reminder than anything.

At end of game we got the kids together, two of them ask me with pitiful sad looks on their faces, “Are we really not playing any more games?” I made an announcement again- NO MORE games, we are done.
One player asks, “Can’t we just PRACTICE?”
I kid you not, several kids joined in, can’t we just practice coach? One player pleaded “Maybe we can find someone to just scrimmage?” This kid was pleading, looking for a loophole. Yeah he was probably thinking: I know coach said we can’t play any more games, but a scrimmage isn’t really a game, right? Maybe he will grow up to be a lawyer.

Man that brought a smile to my face, kids that love to practice. End of season and they still wanted more. When you are coaching youth football, hopefully one of your goals is to have them still wanting more at the end of the season, rather than them thinking thank goodness the season is finally over.

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  1. Daren

    Coach Dave, I have run your system for 5 years now. The first year I ran it at the end of the year I had the same thing happen, the kids begged me for more practice. So that first year we started a new tradition, we have one final practice AFTER the last game. What a concept!! I love it and we still do it today. In fact we just had our last practice this past Monday. Thanks again for all you do.

    1. davecisar

      Coach Daren,

      Well done! Great idea

      If your kids love the game well enough that they want to practice AFTER the season is concluded, in my mind you had a great season.


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