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Game 10 Youth Football Results

The 3-4 grade team I’m head coaching won 48-8 over a non league opponent to go to 9-1 for the season.

Sent out over 100 e-mails, this team was the only one that responded, VERY nice people. The team was better than the score indicated and some of the very nicest people you could imagine. Good game for us in spite of the score, they have a higher ball carrier weight than us and their big kid was pretty tough to handle for my little guys. They ran a good bit of spread out of the gun and had a back get open in the flats a couple of times and they completed it, so good work for our defense.

They aligned well and put some big hits on our kids at times. We were up 34-0 at the half and 48-8 to start the 4th. We ran 36 offensive snaps in the first half.

Things we did well:
Zero Penalties
Zero Turnovers
Scored on every possession but 2- we kneeled to end the half and my backups failed to convert in the 4th quarter
First team defense allowed 3 first downs
We caused 2 turnovers
We subbed really well

Not so well:
Our Linebackers didn’t fill aggressively
My #2 QB didn’t run the off tackle very hard
My backup running backs were a bit disappointing at the 1, 2 and 4 spot.

A backup MPR lineman became the 17th player to score a TD this season as one of our backs got tackled on the 1 to set him up for a short score. This is the highest number of different players to score a touchdown for me in 1 season, ever.

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