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Game 11 Youth Football Results

Game 11 Results for the 3-4 grade team that I’m head coaching:

We went to Western Iowa to play a pretty good team- the best we could find. This was a Non League game. They were 4-2 and had lost their playoff game in overtime by 1 point. A well coached team that played physical.  This is the only team we could find that would play us- 2 1/2 hours away- VERY nice folks- good High School stadium etc
They had nice size and athleticism. They had some big backs with nice athleticism- my starters are 61, 62, 71, 73 lbs etc- A good matchup.

We won 30-6, to go to 10-1 on the season.
SO we ended up scoring 460 points in 11 games- 26 being the lowest we scored. Averaged 42 points per game. Our first team defense gave up 7 Tds for the season- 4.5 points a game.

We ran out of time at their 5 as time expired at half
We were at their 1 when time expired at the end of the game
Our games usually last about 90 minutes- this one was over in 70, REALLY fast. Stuff like that happens when you go out of league

What we did well:
No Turnovers- we got 1
Offense was stopped 1 time- on their 5 yard line
We blocked extremely well and physical
Our backs with exception of the 1 ran really well and hard
Aligned well on defense
Pass coverage was excellent
Subbed well
We had just 2 penalties- both offsides on defense

Not so well:
Our Defensive Ends overran their pass rush- the QB had 3 roll out scrambles for long gains
We adjusted our defense to Zone- Monster and sent the Linebackers on the pass reads- as they were only sending out 2 receivers- both deep. Once we did that, no more QB gains on pass runs
Our Linebackers didn’t fill hard early. I forgot what NOT PRACTICING much late in the season with bad weather does to a team. We did 10 minutes of 3 Level Oklahomas prior to the game,  but the kids still had some rust to shake out
We were 1-6 throwing the ball. This was only game we didnt throw a TD pass. We had 14 for the year. Again we dropped probably 80% of the throws in pregame. I knew it wasnt going to be a good day throwing for us, weather NOT an issue.

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