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Game 8 Youth Football Results

The 3-4 grade team I’m head coaching won our Division Championship game 54-12 to go to 8-0 on the season. The team we played was a physical and athletic team who played hard. So far this season we had only seen 2 stoppages of play for our kids injuries, in this game alone we had 4. Our kids felt like they had been in a game the next day.

Things we did well:
We scored on every possession but 2, 1 of those was by fumble
We had just 2 penalties
We caused 3 turnovers
We blocked and tackled well
We only missed 3 tackles
We were in correct defensive and offensive alignment all game
We subbed extremely well
One of our backup linemen got a touchdown run late in the game
We had 12 different players touch the ball
We played physical

Things we didn’t do so well:
Our kick returns only averaged 10 yards apiece
We had a turnover, just our second in 8 games

We will join 8 other Division Title winners in the playoffs. We will face a very talented and well coached undefeated team this week. To be the best in this 41 team age grouping will be quite a task.

More details in the Newsletter and at seasons end.

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