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Last Youth Football Practice of the Season

Overview of Last Practice of the Year

In Nebraska- it gets full dark at 7:00 now. So we can only practice from 6-7 pm now. It also gets cold early here- often times snowing in October, count on it for sure in November. In this area of the plains unlike Omaha or Lincoln, it shows up as BEST for the windfarm people- I tiny pocket of pretty consistent high winds.

This is a tiny hamlet for basketball and baseball, always has been as the local High School team hasn’t had much success until of late, thanks in part to our kids aging up and contributing. Football is on the rise though.  At least 7-8 of my kids have been practicing baseball 1 day a week for last month. They start going 2 nights a week in November- 2 HUGE indoor facilities out here in the country.
Do they REALLY need to start this early with my 8-9 year olds. In Omaha it was early bird basketball, here it’s baseball- different demographic. The net is- unless you can get indoors, pretty tough to go beyond end of October, so last night was it.

GREAT practice
Did dynamics/Angle Form
We only had 2 Indy groups rather than 4 last night
All backs in 1 group
Line with me-
Offensive night
We line up and do 2 steps for 3-4 minutes
Then we go board drill- competitions
1 on 1 to drive the other player 5-6 yards
All the remaining players- sit if they think the guy on the right is going to win, stand if they think guy on left is going to win- your guy loses, you do 5 pushups- everyone chants the name of the player they chose- loud, lots of clapping/cheering
Matchups pretty fair
Every single player in my 14 kid group 2 stepped perfectly and aggressively engaged
Real solid hits and effort until the whistle blew and winner declared
Even the kids who were really awful and meek early on
Even the kids who the previous coach ranked as 1’s- and said they were very soft
Everyone engaged, everyone engaged aggressively and all engaged to the whistle with good form. My MPRS were still tiny and not very strong, but they engaged and you heard the pads pop with every single group.
That made me very proud and happy to end the season last night. Several kids said they wished football was year round.

Super sharp practice, offensive team
11 in 11 out every rep with coaches at the Point of Attack with shields- averaging a play every 12 seconds or so for about 25 minutes= with a very short break we got about 110 snaps in, really humming.

We looked just like this the week when we went into our Division Title game and won 54-12 over a previously undefeated team- that was pretty good team.

Ive just gone into games where you know you are going to play well based on how you practiced that week. Those are the weeks you’re saying to yourself- let’s play 3 games, play the best because we look so sharp right now. That’s how we looked last night, in a groove. We WONT practice on Thursday, supposed to be 47 wet and high winds and we cant get inside- basketball and baseball have facilities wrapped up. So happy to end it on that high note. I expect we play really well on the travel road this weekend.

Based on that last practice, I would rate our season a successful one. We had all but 1 player at practice, we lost just 1 player for the season and it seemed like all the kids were’nt dreading practice, they were dreading not getting to play more football.

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