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2012 Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Awards

Congratulations to all the youth football coaches this year who had memorable seasons. Much thanks goes out to the coaches who were nominated for our 2012 Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year awards. You are all very deserving coaches. Every year it gets more and more difficult to choose a single winner for each category.

We sorted through stacks of very compelling season stories. You could literally feel the pride, enthusiasm and love flowing through the words of these stories. It was a fantastic experience to be able to hear about the trials, tribulations, successes and failures of your seasons. To you guys, coaching youth football is a passion. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to impact our youth in a positive way through youth football. Thank you for sharing your stories, it was a privilege to be a small part of your season. It was a gut wrenching process to determine the winners.

While many of you gave credit for your success to the “System” you are being too kind. It is you who deserve the credit for doing the research, choosing an approach, learning it, teaching it correctly, applying it and bringing your teams together in a unique and successful way. Thank you for doing such a great job, you, your coaching staffs, kids and parents deserve 100% of the credit.

Winning Youth Football is proud to announce our 2012 Coaching Award Winners

Worst to First Coach of the Year

Mark Cupp, Chino Pop Warner Pee Wees, Chino, California

Coach of the Year East Region

Tony Holland- Hampstead Ravens, Hampstead, Maryland age 10-12

Coach of the Year West Region

Rob Adams- Springtown 6th Grade Orange, Fort Worth, Texas

Gold Standard Coaching Awards


Alan Siek  CLYFL –Irish
Adam Drucker  Columbia Maryland   Ravens
Brian Williams WWWE Panthers
Bryan   Silva Rocky Mountain ThunderHawks
Burt Redinger Thomas Walker Pioneers
Clint Riley Willamette Valley Pop Warner
Dan   Jimenez Rocky Mountain ThunderHawks
Darren   Somo Rancho Santa Margarita – Jr Midget – Blue Titans
Henry Engel
Jay Exum Raleigh Redskins
Jim Kinsherf Washtenaw Junior Wolverines – Freshman Blue
Jim Struck Modesto Christian   Kingsmen
Joe Barranco
Joey Kyle Northwest   Tennessee Football Association
Josh Schneider Kiowa Indians
 Mike Ban Kiowa Indians
Ken Moore
Larry Landwehr Warrensburg Scorpions
Louie Corona West Covina Bruins
Matt Keys Rocky Mountain ThunderHawks
Michael Doherty  Montville Indians
Michael Smith West Jersey Youth   Football
Mike Glavin BANA Knights
Paul Gauna Orcutt Panthers
Phil McClusky Lutherville 9u Blue   Knights
Philip Abode Crossover Lions
Rob Montie  East Lake Eagles
Russell Bell LaBelle Broncos
Sean Doyle Worth/Ridge Panthers
Seth Luttrel Murfreesboro Patriots
Steve Esposito Dallas Jr Mounts
Terry Hill Tennessee Valley Atheletic Association
Thad Chilton Five Town Football Middle School Jammers
Tommy Sanchez  North Suburban Bulldogs
Tony Delgado Rocky Mountain ThunderHawks
Travis Chaney Owensboro Chargers
Wade Mitchell Bushland Falcons

Here are their amazing stories:

Mark Cupp-Dave, we had a great season this year.








I took over a team in a program I hadn’t coached in before who had finished in dead last place in 2011 at 1-4-1. With pretty much the same kids we averaged more points per game this year than last year’s team scored all season long. We scored more points in the first game than they had scored all year in 2011. The parents were thrilled, it created quite a stir in this community and many in the league were shocked to say the least.

We went 8-0 in a competitive California Pop Warner League and finished as Conference Champions. We only allowed one TD in the last game of our undefeated regular season and we outscored opponents by an average score of 38 – 4 in 12 wins. It was a very rewarding season in many ways.

Much thanks to you as we used your offense (including 303), defense, special teams and your Character Development program as well as your practice methodology and no-huddle. We also used Hudl, great tool. Enjoyed your clinic in Orange County, the 303 stuff was a big help.

Some additional accomplishments:
2012 Undefeated 8-0 league record- Mt Baldy Conference Champions
2012 Citrus Bowl Champions
2012 Kemmer Bowl Champions
2012 AZ River Bowl Champions

Mark Cupp, Chino, CA Ages 11-13, 12-2 Conference Champions

Rob Adams– Completed a magical season where we beat a Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints Head Coach) led Liberty Christian team during the season only to face them again in the Super Bowl. Coach Payton summed it up best in a post game speech to our parents. “We worked really hard this week to stop your Single Wing attack. I showed your game film to John Gruden and Bill Parcells and you still put 58 on us;”.








Every carry eligible child on our team not only carried the ball but 14 of the 15 scored during the season! We averaged 45 points on offense vs just 5 given up running your system. The spinner was our best series. Our favorite adjustment was Omaha and WAR with a well placed “no play”. We ran your program verbatim right out of the book and executed very well.

Thank you so much for mentoring me Dave! I really enjoyed going to the clinics in Dallas and Denver along with the e-mails and phone call advice during the season. It paid off in a big way this year!!! This a team that had never had a winning season prior to our arrival! So happy and proud for our boys, who had been beaten down so bad in previous years.

Rob Adams Ft Worth, TX Age 11-12, Record 11-0 League Champions

Tony Holland– Just thought I would share with you the results of our 6th year using the Winning Youth Football System and how the Single Wing 303 helped our team reach an elite level of success this past season. On December 15th we wrapped up our best season ever, by winning the 10-12 Year Old Maryland State Youth Football Championship and completing an undefeated 14-0 season. Our boys defeated a very athletic and well coached select team out of Baltimore, the Pikesville Wildcats. Going into the game, Pikesville was 14-0 with 14 Shut Outs. We were the first and only team to score on them this year.








Going into the 2012 Spring Indoor Football our Coaching Staff knew we were going to be a HUGE target after winning the League and State titles in 2011 along with the 11U Spring league and the State Championship, so we knew we had to be a little more diverse with the Offense than previous years. During the Spring Indoor Season we added more of the Passing elements of the Single Wing Offense and further perfected the Spinner Series. Special Note: the highlight of the Spring 8-Man season was competing against the Nationally Ranked Manassas Mutiny out of Manassas, VA (AYFL) winning in an Offensive Shoot Out 39-33 on the last play of the game. Our boys finished 9-0 for the Spring Indoor Season and League and State Champions

Our boys achieved a league scoring record with 441 points, averaging 31.5 per game. Mercy Ruled 9 teams, 73 TD’s, and over 4,000 total yards. A significant increase over last year’s numbers. On Defense we had 10 Shut Outs, and gave up only 8 TD’s. We were very proud of our aggressive and fundamentally sound defense this year.

We continued our Character Development program again this year with the “Foundation Rock” including character traits written on the rock for the week. We gave out 4 rocks to the team at every Thursday night practice.

This is our 6th year in a row with a 100% retention. We started with 17 players and finished with 17. The extra exposure and success had been great for the team. I am also proud to say that several top private High Schools in the Baltimore area are highly interested in recruiting a few of the boys on the team for their 9th grade football teams. It’s been our goal from the start to help these boys grow to become outstanding young men, and because of your Winning Youth Football system, and your leadership we are achieving it. We are truly making a positive difference and creating memories in these players’ and their parents’ lives that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again Dave for all that you have done for me and our team. The extra time on the phone, critiquing film together, and the true friendship has been invaluable. You have been a great asset to many across the country coaching today’s youth.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family.

Tony Holland, Hampstead Ravens Age 10-12, 14-0 League Champions, State Champions, Region Champions

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