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Youth Football Coaches Clinic- Panama

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about football outside the US. I’ve done over 150 clinics, done several for Canadians, Germany and now Panama. I’m going to write up an entire article on the history of Panamanian football in the next few weeks. What I can say now is that the Panamanians love their football and they took great care of me.

Panama City, Panama is a metropolis of over 1,000,000 people. It has a small but growing group of American Football devotees, that don’t look much different than those that have attended the over 150 clinics I’ve spoken at here in the states. Like any clinic, the consistently successful coaches were easy to pick out after the first hour or so. They sat in the front, asked a lot of questions and were open to new ways of looking at the game. More on that in the coming weeks, including some great pictures.

Many thanks to my kind hosts, John Christopher Carbon, Raul, Tito and the Kiwanis.

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