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Using the Oregon Board Method for No-Huddle Playcalling


No Huddle- The Board System for Youth Football

With the advent of Oregon and their fast paced warp speed no-huddle system, everyone seems to be wanting to get on the bandwagon to move to their picture and board system for calling plays.

Before you go investing big money in lots and lots and lots of boards, think about a few things. How many plays do you have? How much time do you want to have between plays to set up your boards? Do you trust anyone or a group of people for that matter to be able to sort through 20-30 boards in a short period of time to get the correct play up in the heat of battle? Do you have a staff of guys who can hold up the boards? Does it ever get real windy where you are at? Do you want to be limited to running just a handful of plays using the boards- limiting your team and playbook? Do you want to invest time in having your kids have to memorize what each picture means?

Winning in youth football is about setting priorities and getting the very most out of each minute of practice time and each player. Why invest that time in something trendy, when simple wrist bands are much more effective? Wrist bands don’t require you to interact with another crew to arrange the correct boards to put up. You have your entire playbook available rather than a few plays, plays get called in MUCH faster, you don’t have to worry about being lifted into the next county on windy days, kids don’t have to memorize what images mean what, the list is almost endless.

We have been a no-huddle team for the last 17 seasons, using simple wrist coaches, that cost us $5 each, the ones I’m using now are about 9 years old. To give you an idea of how fast you can go: in 2011 with a group of 10-11 year olds- we had an opening drive of 11 plays that took 2:05, we also had an opening drive of 9 plays that took 1:55. In 2010 a different team of age 10-11s- we scored 3 touchdowns in the first quarter of 8 games and in an out of state tournament- we scored the winning touchdown with less than a minute to play by covering 80 yards in 9 plays in less than 2 minutes and no timeouts. In 2012 with a group of age 7-9 kids we scored 3 TDs in the first quarter of 7-8 games and 18 of the kids were playing their first year of tackle football.  See the scores here:


Wrist bands are simple, inexpensive, very easy to use, simple to transport and for my time and money the fastest and simplest way to get plays in and out. Trendy isn’t always better.

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  1. Rodney Polston

    Coach, I’ve used bands now for the past 3 seasons I’ve coached, all with your system.

    As a coach on the field, I started calling the formation out before the play on the wristband. Mouse is still on the band but I thought most everything else went fairly well.

  2. Mike

    I was looking at boards bcs in some of my games last year (believe it or not) fan noise was causing me problems with the me calling out the numbers & kids couldn’t hear. Any suggestions??

    1. davecisar

      We just use a color and hand signal system
      Red- touched my red cap, held out 2 fingers, was red 2 on the wristcoach.
      Black- touched my black pants etc
      You can have a dummy call in by another coach- simple and effective

  3. David

    We were using play cards during the huddle up until last week’s game. During practice we began using the wrist coaches. During the game the other team was not prepared for the speed and execution of the plays we ran. We scored 20 points in the first half. The opposition held the ball in the 3rd qrt for at least 7 min’s of an 8 min qrt. With that said, once we recievd the ball from the team going for it on 4th and 20, the offense didn’t execute as well. We play tonight against a lesser opponent this week… us coaches are looking forward to it the no-huddle tonight and the kids love it. We had an issue with 31 Trap up until last week also, the linemen were not double teaming on the play>>>first play last week went for 30 something yards mass improvement.
    Last year’s team only won 1 game last year under an old coach.
    All teams make the playoffs, that team was beat 38-0 in the first round.
    This year’s team is 5-1 avg points per game 26.
    We have top seed the team we play tonight we will play again during the first round. That team has not won a game all season.
    Note: We have to exchange the backs out at 18 points; QB can stay in but can’t advance the ball.


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