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Getting "Comfortable: in Your Stance in Youth Football

Many guys coaching yourh football today are former High School and College players. Many of you played for teams that asked their players to get into their offensive stances as soon as the player got to the line of scrimmage. The thought proccess was to allow the player to get “comfortable” in his stance. Great thought proccess, it works.

However at the youth level, you may want to rethink that approach, especially at the younger age levels. The ability and leg strength varies so much at the younger levels, especially on the Offensive Line, where many teams will put some of their weaker minimum play players. I’ve seen some youth football teams even leave kids in two-point stances because some of their players either couldn’t get into a    three-point stance, or once there, they couldn’t stay in it and they couldn’t come out of it very fast.

Just picture that weaker youth player as he comes to the line of scrimmage and gets set, then he has to patiently wait in that stance for all the other Offensive Linemen to aligned and get set, then has to wait for the Quarterback to get under Center. As you know the Quarterback may have to re-align some of the backfield kids as well, adding to the time that poor Offensive Lineman is in his stance. Then more time in the stance as there possibly comes a shift or even motion, then finally the cadence and the snap.

By the time that snap takes place, that kids quads and hamstrings are burning. I’ve actually seen kids who were in stances for a long time, tremble. With so few kids having good core strength, being in that stance can seem like an eternity for some of your players. It simply doesn’t need to be that way. Why not just have the players align standing up? When the Quarterback sees that everyone is aligned properly he can give the command to get into a proper stance.

With so many of your kids playing both ways, this approach will save many of them some stress and help them play better over the long run.

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  1. Chason Hayes

    Very appropriate. I came to the same conclusions as well. I changed my cadence to account for this. Now the QB yells “line up” and waits until everyone is lined up properly in a 2 point stance (I like hands on knees) then starts with “down” waits 1 sec for everyone to get set, then finishes with ready set go.

  2. Ron

    How do you go on first sound ?

    Do you block from a 2 point stance ?

    If you do , do you just step and block

    Our snap count has been -ready- go for a change up we go on first sound

  3. Rodney

    Have you had your linemen just fire out of a 2 point atnce instead of going in a 3 point? And if you do, what do you have them align? Hands on knees, low base, etc.


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