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Game 6 Youth Football Results

Game 6 Youth Football Results

For those of you following my own team’s season, we won 41-6 to go to 6-0 for the season. As mentioned before it’s only fair to share with you how my own real life experience on real grass is going. I’m coaching a 3-4 grade team with 25 kids and 18 new players.

I was happy with our ball security, no turnovers again and we got 3 takeaways. Zero bad snaps for the 6th week in a row minus the one snap where our Center snapped it to the wrong player. We had just 1 penalty and pretty physical after a little shaky first quarter. Our first team defense didn’t give up a score and the first team offense scored on every possession for the second week in a row.

So far, pretty happy with the progress this team has made.

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  1. Coach Eric

    Coach Congrats!. Were running your system for the first time with non-select teams of 7-8 year olds. I have a team of 12 and we play iron man ball but were 3-0 so far but our scores are smaller. 13-0 etc. We play good defense and have issues with bad snaps etc. I did notice this past game that our opponent was making adjustment to stop us. Thus far I am totally impressed with the system. I believed in it from day one. Now all of the other coaches in our organization are taking notice. Were the only undefeated team.

    Thanks Coach


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