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Game 7 Youth Football Results

Game 7 Youth Football Results

The 3-4 grade youth football team I’m head coaching this year won 31-0 over a well coached Spread team. We are now 7-0 for the season.

We had no turnovers and got 3 and were penalized just 2 times for 10 yards. Our defensive alignment on a variety of spread formations was perfect with the exception of 1 play. We held them to 3-14 passing for about 25 yards. We also shut down their jet sweep and zone read like plays as well.

This is just the kind of game we needed at this point in the season. Hats off to the other team’s coaching staff, this team aligned well was pretty crisp on their exchanges and tackled well. Everything we did, they made us work for. Saw good progress in this game.

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