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Late Season Recruiting Event for Youth Football

Many youth football teams struggle with numbers. When you are low on numbers it can be tough to compete and holding players and parents accountable when they have you over a barrel can be difficult to manage. Other programs struggle to find reasonably priced methods to recruit players.

.The most effective and most cost efficient method we use to recruit youth football players is a late season open house. It is very simple and costs little. An open house is a very low key and inexpensive method to showcase your program to those that may be skeptical about playing youth football or for your team.

You simply make sure your team moms, parents and kids decorate the stadium to the gills. That means signs, banners, balloons etc, get creative. We then invite all of our past players and parents to attend, with an e-mail invite and ask them to forward the e-mail to friends and neighbors. Former players get a coupon for a free hotdog and drink.

The next step is sending an e-mail to all your parents asking them to invite all their friends and neighbors to the game, we include as an attachment, our sign up flier. The parents forward this e-mail to their friends and neighbors. This flier has information about the program, how often we practice, when the season starts and ends, how many games, who the coaches are and what makes our program unique. For us that means the coaches training and certification, fair evaluations, guaranteed playing time for those that attend 100% of practices, character training and awards, no fundraisers and our record of success.

The next step is a team meeting were we talk about the importance of numbers with the players. Hand each player 2 of the fliers and ask them to invite their friends and neighbors to the game. The last step is fliers at the local school. Where I live now and in Omaha, the kids would take home a packet on Wednesdays. This packet would include things like the flier we designed for our open house. The flier is always printed on neon colored paper and includes plenty of pictures of our team and their classmates.

On game day, make it special. We do things like a banner break, player introductions over the loudspeaker and having someone sing the national anthem. Get your creative juices flowing and get your parents and stakeholders involved.

We allow parents to sign kids up at this event for next year, they get an early bird discount and free admission to a speed camp for signing up early. Our league also limits the number of kids we can have per team, so some years we have to cap at 25 kids. So where it makes sense you can use the first come, first served scarcity approach.

For many seasons our active recruiting is finished in October of the previous season. The rest is done passively through the web site. When you do things like this to get early numbers nailed down, it makes it so much easier to get your youth football coaching assignments and equipment squared away for the following season.

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