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Game 12 Youth Football Results

Game 12 Youth Football Results 2013 3-4 grade team-








The 3-4 grade team I’m coaching this year played in the leagues “Super Bowl” last weekend. This is a 32 team age bracket, we had to win 2 playoff games to get to this game. We won 12-0 in a slugfest against a very big, very physical and very well coached team. We ended the season with a 12-0 record and scored 444 points. More on the season recap in tommorrows post AND some of the key factors in why we went undefeated with a team early on I would have ranked in the 30th percentile for aggregate athleticism in the league. Hopefully that will be some good information you can use for your own teams.
We had to make a few minor adjustments to our defense going into this game as this team ran a double tight “Barta” style wishbone attack. I had seen them play once live and had film of another one of their games. This is an offensive approach that is primarily a belly style, that hits very quickly at multiple points of attack. Their offensive line was big, physical, fast and well coached. No team had been able to get to the second level like these guys did. They had 6 large “striped” players, while my team had just a single player over 90 lbs. Get more detail on our scheme nuances in my next free newsletter. We denied them the second level blocks.


Thanks to some good input from Dan Schlager, Pop Warner Midget National Champion coach and Winning Youth Football’s Coach of the Year in 2011. We used a similar approach that he used to defeat the Far West Jets, who ran the same style offense. That Jets team was on a 3 year winning streak before Dan’s team upset them in the finals at Disney in 2011. We even called it our “Mustang” call in deference to Dan’s team the Jupiter Mustangs.  We forced at least 6 three and outs and forced 2 fumbles with big hits in the backfield. We played some games with the offensive linemen they were flipping. To one side they powered, to the other they countered and they flipped the linemen most of the game. They only key broke it a couple of times and our Linebackers and Corners did a great job of responding.
In the second quarter they ran several “keep outs” off the belly action, where they fake both belly handoffs to the same side and the QB keeps to the outside to that same side. We hadn’t seen much of that, but we adjusted our Defensive End play a bit and that was shut down as well. In the second half they did come out in several overload sets that our defense adjusted really well to. We’ve seen plenty of that all year long, nothing really new. They even went spread for 4-5 snaps, something we hadn’t seen them do, but those series resulted in a punt and an interception.
Defensively they ran more of a split style six, then moved to a seven diamond and in the end they almost look more GAM like with an 8-3 style look. They had only given up 4 touchdowns all season long. They had a man child at Nose that had really caused major problems for all the teams they played. In the semi-final game he must have caused 7-8 sacks or botched snaps and the Center for that team he was mauling just quit on his team in the second half. In the first round game the coach who this team played against told me this kid had put 8 of his kids out of the game and just terrorized his Center. I’m not sure how accurate that was, but at 155 lbs he was very big, very fast and extremely aggressive. We couldn’t pull as I had to double team him with my 113 lb Center and 75 lb Right Guard. We scored on our first possession on a 12 play drive and got down to about the 20 on our next 9 play drive before fumbling it away. That was just our 5th fumble lost in the season by our first team. We got another score early in the 3rd quarter and were able to execute a perfect onside kick to maintain possession and play keep away.

This team was outstanding all season long on onside kicks. The artificial field turf is a perfect surface for executing onside kicks, but we were ready for them. Our hands team had to be about perfect and we were as our opponent executed some very good kicks to both our outside first row and the hole between our first and second row. When you play the best of 32 teams, you are always going to face teams that onside kick well and they usually do so every time, like this team did. We recovered every kick.
Offensively we squandered two scoring opportunities inside the other teams 10 yard line. We got tight on our minimum play requirements and it limited our playbook. With a 12-0 lead we were more concerned with making sure we maintained ball security and got everyone their minimum plays, more on that tommorrow. We only threw the ball 6 times but we did get a couple of key completions that helped keep the run open.

This was a very satisfying and unexpected championship. More on that tommorrow, I’m rarely if ever surprised or misjudge a teams potential. These kids really surprised me and I’ll share with you the smoke and mirrors we had to use to get these kids to believe and mask our gaping weaknesses.

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  1. Gabe Peterson

    Message from Afghanistan,

    Big Congrats of the Super Bowl win! I’ve really enjoyed the updates of your team. I will be taking over a 3rd n 4th grade team consisting mostly of military dependants next year that this year is winless and has only scored one touchdown all season. I’m reading everything I can get my hands on. Your posts really give encouragement. Thank you for all you do!

    God Bless, Gabe

    1. davecisar

      Thanks, those are the fun seasons, nowhere to go but up. I will be sharing some of the out of the box things we had to do to put this team together ont he blog in the next 2 weeks. Hope it helps.

  2. Sean Bacon


    Congratulations on the Super Bowl win. I coached 6-8 yr olds this year and we won our season ending Bowl game over the league beast that was 9-0, arrogant and beating everyone badly. They actually beat us 33-6 five weeks ago, but I knew we could beat them if we played a second time. We beat them 13-12. We went with the sainted 6 and mouse series with Double, War and Nasty adjustments during the season. We also did go no huddle by naming the plays after superheroes and a corresponding color just in case the defense guessed the where the superhero play was going. Wolverine was 16 power and was also the color yellow, so I could call Wolverine or call yellow and it would be 16 power.

    Congrats again and there is no way we could have done, what we done without the system.

    Sean Bacon

    1. davecisar

      Great job as always, all the credit goes to you and your boys.
      Wolverine 16-Power, of course. Always a Michigan fan except for this Saturday LOL
      Always good to hear from you


  3. Scott

    Congrats coach.

    I coached a 13-14 team this year. Some of these players I have coached for 6 years. Your system with success in the past but this year was unbelievable. We went 12-0 winning our Super Bowl 40-6. No one was close we mercy ruled everyone we played averaging 42 points a game only allowing an average 9 per game. It was one of those perfect team/seasons. Even with the wins the opposing teams coaches were like what an organization and what a system as we run it at all 4 levels. Thanks for all you do coach and I already can’t wait for next year.
    Coach Scott
    Los Banos Sr Tigers

  4. Bryan

    Wow, is all I can say! I live in Kodiak and am looking for something fresh to try next year with the 9-12 year old team (I know its quite an age span). Small town.

    Problem: at the end of each season we mesh our three team league into an all star team for two weeks of practice and a game against a really big, well coached team from the mainland (league champions) I taught a totally new jet double wing series to them this year and we had the most success we’ve had in years. I think we were actually the only team to score twice on them this year.

    Question: After teaching your system during the upcoming regular season, could this system be taught to the other allstars in the league with any success? and do you have any suggestions on how to prepare for this mini season? It is seemingly an impossible situation for the coaches and Kids, but I am always up for a challenge!

    I am ordering some of the material, so I can start studying and preparing ahead of next season.

    I am seriously inspired by the success of this 3/4 team!!!!

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts. your 2013 sounds exactly like what our all star team is up against each year. Past two years lost 48-0 and 41-14. HELP!

    1. davecisar

      For the last 4 seasons we have had just 12 practices prior to game 1, so yes I feel very confident it can be put in in a very short time period. In any event effective practices are all about: Priorities, Progressions, Precision and Pace. BEst of luck


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