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Youth Football Helmets- Decals and Reconditioning- MUST DOs

helmet feathersDid you know that most experts suggest that your recondition and recertify your helmets every year? If you aren’t doing it, you could be putting your player in harms way. How would you feel or what would your parents do if one of your kids got a concussion or serious head injury and they found it the helmet hadn’t been recertified? Not all insurance providers cover negligence.

There’s another side to this coin if you are cleaning, repairing, taking old decals off and adding new ones every year, it is a major pain. That is a chore most of use HATE doing and put it off until the last minute or don’t do it at all. When you use an outside vendor to do this for you, you solve a bunch of problems. We like to  use a NOCSAE Certified vendor to recondition our helmets, because you can rest assured that the job is being done properly.  The helmets are cleaned and sanitized and worn or broken parts are replaced. Then the helmets are put through rigorous testing to make sure they meet the standards of NOCSAE.  The helmets are tested and mounted on a machine that tests them both before and after they have been reconditioned.

Those tests include various impacts in both standard and random locations on the helmet. Acceleration measurements are taken to find out of the helmet meets the Severity Index standard that measures human injury tolerance. How severe are the impacts? Some are the equivalent of running 12 mph into a flat surface.

There are several options to choose from when you are recertifying your youth football helmets. The basic service cleans them up and replaces broken or worn parts. Another service, cleans and polishes the helmet and puts on all new chin strap snaps and the screws and snaps that hold the face mask on. The service I like best, cleans and sanitizes the helmet, replaces worn or broken parts, removes all the decals and adds new decals as well. If you’ve ever been the guy stuck with taking all the war marks off of the helmets, removing all the stickers and getting all that good off the helmets, you can appreciate what these guys do. It takes me over 15 minutes per helmet and it’s not easy work.

Most of the vendors that do this will send you a bag that you use to put the helmets in and mail to them. About 3-5 weeks later you should have your helmets back looking like new. You won’t believe how they can shine up one of those dull marked up helmets, to make it look like new. I hate to admit it, but when you are coaching youth football in todays world, appearance matters. Want to turn parents off or have them going off to compare your program to others? Hand out an old dull marked up helmet with no decals on it.

When you send them in go ahead and send your decals along with.  Sportdecals has some amazing stuff they can do for your helmets at a very low cost. See the cool helmet at the top of this post. We’ve been using them for the last 6 years. When you go to their site use the coupon code: WYF2 for free shipping. //www.sportdecals.com/Football-Decals_106

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