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Friday Night Tykes Season Two Episode Three

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This season is folding out exactly how I predicted it would. The Spartans are a paper tiger and the kids were going to lose interest just as I said in the previous post. The coaching staff wastes so much time in practice making sure everyone is in the right line at the right spacing and doing so many mindless calisthenics and running. When you don’t know how to coach, just do cals, run and scrimmage. This is what the Spartans are doing. They have talent, but not enough to cover for their bad coaching. So after a 2-0 start, I’m still predicting a less than .500 season. They lost and lost big in game three.

The Spartans had just 17 kids at practice, who could blame the kids? After their first loss it looks like about a third or more kids aren’t showing up for practice.  Discipline is good, but this military boot camp mindset makes little sense for 10-11 year old kids. I see more trouble on the horizon for this team.

The Lobos have problems of their own. Due to some issues in the stands during the last game, Coach Hurt’s wife was suspended for three games.  The program also suspended Coach Hurt and his family so they withdrew their son, the “star” player from the team. The Lobos program lacks decisive leadership from the top. While he may be a very nice person, he isn’t respected, he’s a peacemaker with weak coaching and communication skills. This team will continue to struggle.

The Colts lose a close one on a special teams snafu, as their punter kicking from his own end zone, kicked the ball right to the Ducks best player, who runs it in for the score. Coach Goodloe stays positive and encouraging, but he doesn’t go a good job of managing his parents either. His coaches consistently are mobbing the field after every good play. So of course one of his parents does the very same thing and runs into an official and is penalized, wiping out a big gain. The parent is the dad of their star Running Back, so nothing is said to him.

The problem is on the head coach for not controlling his coaches on the sideline, which set a low bar. Then of course you don’t want to upset the dad of your star player, so he continues to prowl the sidelines. Parents don’t belong on the sidelines and this parent should have been sent to the parking lot after this incident.

I know there are no recruiting boundaries in TYFA and the coaches recruit and chauffer star players from other teams to their practices. When you recruit like that, the parents have all the leverage and can get away with murder. Not a wise practice when coaching youth football. It’s a big can of worms.

The Outlaws continue to implode as a coaching staff. They have too many cooks in the kitchen and again have very poorly defined roles. It’s a leadership issue, that probably isn’t going to matter. The Outlaws are loaded with talent from teams all over San Antonio and surrounding areas. Yes, they are athletic, hit and pursue well, but their offense is one dimensional. But they do a lot of things fundamentally wrong. Daibo Johnson carries the ball way outside his frame ALL the time and it cost him in this game, he fumbled.

Daibo  is carrying the team with junkyard QB sweeps and Kick Returns. I thought their offense was much more effective and balanced last year. I’m not sure why they don’t have the Coley kid at QB and Johnson in the backfield. Johnson looks to be a head taller and 40 plus pounds heavier than any skill player on the field, it’s a stacked deck that isn’t even being optimized. Johnson could create some matchup nightmares if he was in the slot or wideout. Space is his friend and playing Quarterback makes little sense to me. My prediction is they win it all, but not by the margins they did last year and they have even MORE talent this year.

If you are coaching youth football this year, take the time to learn as you watch the show. There are plenty of examples of what not to do along with a few things you might consider using.

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    1. davecisar

      Lots of what not to do. Can you see yourself in any of the bad stuff? Good exercise in my opinion.
      But I did pick up a few skeleton contact drills I will probably use next season from the show.

  1. James Joachim

    You are on point about the lobos. I don’t understand why the offensive coach got suspended also. Did the lobos head coach really think after suspending the whole family their were going to let their son play, haha. As for the colts, I was very surprised that there were parents on the sidelines. Over here in NY P.A.L. the parents are behind a tape or on the bleachers. I would be very annoyed as a coach to see a parent on my sideline. and I still can’t believe the amount of cursing is done around the kids throughout the whole show. I coach 10 year olds and I catch myself from time to time from using the lords name in vain. I personally like the outlaw team, but they have too many coaches, asst, etc. It looked like during the meeting they had 8 coaches were there. that is crazy. I was taught 1 coach for every 8 kids. Keep up the blog about the show, you are doing a great job. P.S.- If you are giving 80%, that’s ok. lol!

  2. Bruce Brandenburg

    Thanks Dave, I think there are some episodes on my DVD and with a very cold weekend forecast I may do some catching up


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