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Friday Night Tykes Season Two Episode Seven

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This is playoff time so everyone but the Outlaws are in full playoff mode. As a number two seed the Outlaws are in a bye week, while the Colts play two games. So this week focuses on the Ducks, Outlaws and Colts.

The Ducks from Austin, Texas lose their coach for the rest of the season thanks to a post-game fist fight he has with a disgruntled parent in the parking lot. Parents can be crazy and we don’t know what led to the altercation, but my guess is the coach had plenty of ways to avoid the incident. This doesn’t surprise me in the least coming from a coach who greets an assistant coach with the words “how ya doin gangsta?” This guy is a buffoon and some of his kids follow suit, some do trash talk. His over the top bravado and stick it in your face approach to sportsmanship has no place when you are coaching youth football.

He is in it for himself, talking before the game how much he “hates” the Greyhounds and that it’s going to be 50-0 at the half. He gets upset because his team wins by just 57-6. I don’t get how anyone can get all worked up and excited about scoring points against an obviously inferior team that you’re going to beat by 50? Makes no sense. What a shame someone would base their lifes value by how much a group of children beats another group of children in a game. Not a fan of this “coach” obviously.

The Colts win playoff game one big over a Valley team. But just prior to game two one of their star players granddads dies. The granddad is the primary care giver for Brandon of the Colts. Coach Mo takes Brandon under his wings and the team goes to the funeral which is scheduled right before a three hour drive to their playoff game. Coach Mo loves the kids and they love him as Mo does his best to help Brandon through this tough time. The team attends the funeral in support of Brandon and in turn about five kids are late to the game. Their starting and backup Fullbacks don’t arrive until right before half and the van has the equipment of another starter that is already at the game.

It’s hard to fault the Colts as there is a lot of emotion going on in the wake of Brandons grandpas funeral. Coach Mo freaks out a bit in pregame as he attempts to cobble together a starting lineup out of what’s left. An assistant coach does the right thing and lets Mo know he has to look calm and collected as the kids are going to feed off of his body language and ques. The end result is a team that is out of sync from the start and they lose a close one to a team they probably should have beaten. Take away Coach Mo’s continuous flow of cursing as part of his everyday sentence structure and add in someone to handle some of the administrative and parent issues and he would be an excellent assistant coach. The guys just needs a good mentor and someone with some sense to be accountable to.

Some take aways from the Colts last game? Don’t panic if you have kids missing, act like it’s no big deal. That’s a tough one I know, been in those same shoes, its aggravating. The kids are going to feed off of you, you have to be the cool cucumber.

I’ve traveled a lot with teams, whenever you go further than an hour from home make darn sure every player and parent checks and double checks their equipment bag. If you have “partner” assignments, the partner double checks his partners equipment bag.  Never allow someone else to be responsible for your equipment, make sure it is always in your possession. As the coach- always take a couple of extra sets of gear with you. Yes I have had kids forget helmets and even had kids share helmets, it happens. Prepare for the worst, the worst usually happens on road trips. DON’T trust parents navigational skills or GPS, every player and parent gets a map. For kids who have parents who don’t understand how to read a clock or the value of actually showing up when they are supposed to: have a coach or trusted family pick them up. It’s a shame that grown adults can’t get this down, it is what it is, that’s why some people will never be able to hold down a job etc. Unfortunately that’s part of the youth football coaching job.

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  1. Steve Mumaw

    I always make sure to prepare for the unexpected. I have a team equipment bag with the balls, first aid kit, and etc. in it but also I have another bag that never leaves my vehicle unless needed and it has a everything a player would need would it ever come up that they have forgotten something or in this case everything.

  2. KC Corbett

    Coach, he didn’t say he ‘hated’ them. He hated for them to come all the way to get beat by fifty points. Talking like that there’s no place for that.


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