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Friday Night Tykes Season Two Episode Six

FNT outlaws







This episode brought an end to the Spartans, Lobos and Broncos seasons. While all three teams ended up with just a handful of wins between them, we see three very different teams. None were coached  very well but both the Broncos and Lobos kept the kids engaged, tough to do when those two teams combined for just three wins.

The Spartans, as I predicted after the first show totally disintegrated. You could almost hear the audible sighs of relief from the kids after their last practice was finally over. Their drill sergeant head coach who invested most of his practice time in mindless conditioning and full scale scrimmaging, of course failed miserably and ran off nearly half the team in the process. It’s like I’ve always said, teams who spend a lot of time conditioning and scrimmaging, do so because their coaches don’t know how to practice the real stuff. It’s easy to go on the internet and find a bunch of torturous conditioning drills, it’s a lot harder to coach the fundamentals extraordinarily well. The rah-rah big hat no cattle types rarely if ever consistently win.

The Colts continue to win, however as I said earlier Coach Mo is feeling the heat. He has kids missing practice, coaches bailing and the parents are causing him headaches. The Colts coach decides to start a Quarterback who has missed a lot of practice over a solid, but less athletic player who is making all the practices. While it’s evident that coach Mo loves the kids and the kids love him, his lack of self-discipline and trying to please the parents of the kids he’s selectively recruited has come to haunt him. People watch your every move when you are coaching youth football. When they see you lack boundaries, they will overstep theirs. When you are concerned about keeping everyone happy and keeping the kids you begged to be on your team on board, you have little leverage. When you choose to do the wrong thing and reward parents or kids who consistently aren’t toeing the line, expect bad things to happen over the long haul. While the Colts win, there are lots of problems right under the surface. This is a talented team living on borrowed time.

The Outlaws are the Outlaws. They continue to play physical football and continue to win in spite of not using their assets very well. Their offensive scheme and player placement severely limits their ability to score. A team that completely shuts down any offense they play, should in turn be able to score 50 points against those same teams. You have the talent to be just dominating on defense, but not on offense? That is a coaching, scheme and personnel placement issue.

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