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The Wham Play for Youth Football

What is the Wham Play and is the Wham Play for Youth Football ?

The Wham play is something most NFL and College teams use today. If you watched the College Football National Championship game, the Wham was used on Elliott’s early 33 yard touchdown run for Ohio State. He ran untouched to the endzone.

In the NFL or College game, many times an H back is delivering the wham block either from the inside like in the Ohio State game, but it can come from the outside as well. What defines the Wham is not what side the block comes from, but that a Back blocks an unblocked Defensive Lineman who is purposely left unblocked to come upfield. Think of it as a trap play, but instead of a pulling guard, the trapper is a Back, usually in tight to the line of scrimmage, which allows the whammer a good angle to make the block.

Just like in trap, by allowing the Defensive Lineman to come upfield unblocked, means the Offensive Lineman responsible for blocking that Defensive Lineman can now go to the second level and block Linebacker. Like trap, this often times will slow down an overly aggressive Defensive Tackle that now will think twice about quickly and aggressively pressing into the backfield. We like this against “War Daddy” Defensive Tackles that are creating havoc in the backfield.  Since the H Back is coming down the line of scrimmage behind the linemen, many times the Defensive Tackle in his lust to get to the ballcarrier doesn’t see this blocker at all. If your H or Blocking Back has some umph, this can sometimes be a “decleating” block.  Have this happen a couple of times and now that aggressive Defensive Tackle loses a little of that testosterone.

One of the reasons the Wham is such a good play at the youth level is sometimes you will play Defensive Tackles who won’t penetrate hard. For those cases you can usually just run your base powers and wedges and do very well. But if you play against a lazy Defensive Tackle or someone who is trying to play a two gap style scheme and doesn’t penetrate, your traditional trapper is going to have a tough time finding him and digging him out. On the other hand an H back or Blocking Back has a much better field of vision and can make that block whether the Defensive Tackle penetrates or not.











This is how we run one of our Wham style plays out of our basic Single Wing set- 14 Blast.  Instead of an H back, we deliver the Wham block with the Blocking Back. Note against a 5-3 style Defense our base GOD blocking rule with no tags will probably put the Nose Tackle into the lap of the backside Linebacker. While I’m not always a fan of all Offensive Linemen blocking Linebackers in space, in our Offense the Power Tackle is our second most athletic Lineman and the Right Tight End is an athlete, usually a second team Fullback or even Quarterback.

Is the wham play for youth football? Absolutely yes.

Think how you might add this youth football play into your playbook, it’s a good one. These plays of course are listed in our playbook and DVDs found here: //winningyouthfootball.com/youthfootballcoachingbook.php



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  1. Yosi


    What does the fullback do in this play? As it is drawn, it looks like he takes the DE. Is there any way to send him after that cornerback? Do you ever have him lead through the 4 hole before the runner, after the wham block develops?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. dave cisar

    YOu could, however the Defensive End poses a bigger threat. Especially if he sits. The play is far enough inside that the Corner will not be an issue.

  3. davecisar

    The hole is MUCH too tight for the Fullback to lead through the hole- especially if the DT is in a 4i We prefer to run it when the DT is stunting wide to try and take away the off-tackle.


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