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I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails and phone calls thanks to not adding to the blog during the season. There is a reason for that, yes I did coach this year, no I didn’t stop blogging because I had a bad season. With having all my materials published and all the details of what I do on the internet, it makes it more difficult to compete.

All of my competition is aware of the web site, most of them at least have the book, some have the DVDs, many glean the posts and some have even attended my coaching clinics. To give our kids the best possible chance at competing, I don’t blog during season. Since all four of my teams run the same system and many of our competitors field multiple teams at every age group, everyone in essence gets to see us multiple times every season, teams have stacks of DVDs or Hudl tape on our teams. So those of you who whine about “they know what we run”, I’m not going to be sympathetic,.

This year was a very unique one, after being in Reno last season for the Pilot Shooting of “Worst to First” youth football television show. I had a bunch of fences to mend with my own organization. In that one off year we had fallen a bit from our pedestal. In the previous 5 years we had the best overall record in our league every one of those 5 years. In 2013 we had gone 32-1 as a group fielding 3 teams, winning 2 of the 3 age groups. In both 2012 and 2013 all of our teams had won their Divisions and were in the playoffs. In my absence in 2014 just 2 of our 4 teams made the playoffs, with one team losing 30-0 in round one. The other lost in round two. We had 10 aggregate losses, the second worst in program history. This would also be the season where I would start to coach my youngest son, a 3rd grader.

The team I inherited had gone 5-3 the previous season and lost 30-0 in round 1 of the playoffs.  I will week by week detail the season here on the blog in the hopes that coaches can take some of the problem solving we did to help their own teams. To make a long story short we won our 3-4 grade division, made it to the playoffs and won the entire league with a 9-0 record. We beat a very big and athletic 8-0 Inner City team 19-0 in the Finals. Unlike previous seasons where we were in a division of 30-40 plus teams, this year it was just 17.

The league divided the programs into large and small school classes, we were designated a large school class. So while we didn’t have to be the best of 30 or 40 teams like in years past, we had a little more consistent competition each week. We were the next to smallest school/program in the largest class. We averaged just shy of 35 points per game in league play and didn’t lose a player. Every player on the team but one signed up and is paid to play next year. We lost our only non-league game to an all 4th grade team from Manhattan Kansas that won their league as well as an outside tournament. That was the first non-league or out of state game my own team has lost in 18 season. More details on that game and the entire season in the blog.

My two 5-6 grade teams both ended the regular season at 7-0. One team won their first playoff game only to lose in the semis by 1 TD. The other team made it to the finals to lose by a single touchdown. Both played select teams from another league, 1 win and 1 game cancelled due to lightning in a game we would have won, were winning.  Both 5-6 grade teams were in the large class with 26 teams. The 7-8th grade team won the league with a 6-0 record. Their closest game was 3 TDs. They finish up in an outside tourney this weekend. Overall we lost just 2 games in league by a total of 14 points. We finished at 33-2 in league and 35-3 overall.  More details on how I got things back on track which will be posted weekly on the blog.
As always the blog has tips, tricks, hacks and some real world experience there for your consumption so you can apply it to your own youth football coaching experience.

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  1. Dave Marshall

    Glad to hear your back and nice job. Just finished running your stuff by the book (well, minor deviations) for the second year in my first 2 seasons coaching. 9-1 last year and redeemed the championship game loss this year going 10-0 with 10-11 year olds in suburban Detroit. Character development has been great and player retention is 100%. Keep the blogs coming!!


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