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Week 2 Youth Football Practice

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This is how week 2 went for us. As we proceed through my 2015 season, week by week, game by game, PLEASE BORROW as many ideas as you can. The goal of this exercise is to help you become a more effective youth football coach.

With the weekend off- the down time went to putting together our depth charts for offense and defense. That depth chart was e-mailed to all the coaches for their feedback and input. When you do the evals effectively as weve described in the posts and book, there isn’t a lot of movement from position to position. Yes, just like anyone we steal from Peter to pay Paul in order to maximize the team equation, but there shouldn’t be a lot of wholesale changes after week 1.

We were on the fence about 2 players. We needed a 3 back, our version of the H back. We also needed a Power Tackle, for us our second most mobile and athletic lineman. One player was very athletic, but was hesitant about playing in the backfield. When I talked to him about carrying the ball, he replied it “wasn’t his thing.” The other player wanted to play in the backfield, was a very aggressive wrestler, but didn’t have the body control or explosiveness of the other player. We had 2 kids that were either or for both spots. I got input via email from all 4 assistants on this wone.

Day 1 of week 2 we went back to offense. That meant we now had the kids divided into the following groups:


2 and 3 backs- Our H style back and Halfback

Receivers- For now just our Wingbacks. Later on we would add time with our Tight Ends.


Practice was now starting to hit its stride. Our dynamic warm-ups were now down to about 9 minutes, thanks to getting a couple of kids in who had missed week 1 due to out of town vacations. More on how to work through that on a post later this week. 50 Minutes of this practice was devoted to individual drills, then 20 minutes of group work. The final 30 minutes would end up with us repping 2 plays we had installed in group work. As always we ended up with 10 minutes of fun “game time” hidden conditioning, Hawaiian Rules football.

Day 2 of week 2 was back to defense. Yes almost everyone loves scoring a lot of points and thinks that offense is more difficult and important than defense. I’m not one of those guys. Indys were 50 minutes worth. This was focused on base technique and block destruction in the position groups. Team was 50 minutes, but 30 minutes of that was doing individual, group and team tackling drills. The last 30 minutes was base defensive recognition with helmets off. For more info on how we do this go to: //winningyouthfootball.com/youthfootballdefense.php Of course the final 10 minutes was fun “game time” hidden conditioning, Zombie Sharks and Minnows.

Day 3 of week 2 was back to offense. We were down to 6 minutes for our dynamic warm ups and angle form fit tackling. Individuals were 50 minutes worth, group was 15 minutes. Group and Indys is where our full contact took place. Team was 40 minutes. We had “perfected” our first 2 plays. “Perfect” to us at this point meant the first group was aligned correctly, in correct stances, running at the correct angles, at full speed, blocking the correct players and gathering and controlling the ball securely 9 out of 10 times.

We were able to add in 2 additional plays after seeing how well the kids retained the 2 plays we had put in during week 1.  It became VERY obvious while we had an able group of 3 starting backs, but our very athletic 4th back was struggling with information retention and consistency. After those 4, there was a HUGE drop-off in ability. So with this team the 3 starting backs that were consistently “getting it” were cross trained at 1 additional Running Back position. The final 10 minutes was fun game time hidden conditioning, Deer Hunter game.

Day 4 of week 2 was a combination day. We started in Defensive Indys, but this time just 30 minutes worth. The next 20 minutes was defensive group work, then 20 minutes of defensive recognition with helmets off. Then we moved on to special teams, 45 minutes worth. We were still struggling to find both PAT and Kickoff kickers. Even at this early date we invested 20 minutes into returning/covering onside kicks.

The end of week 2 found me going through the third stage every youth coach goes through- more on those stages in another post.

That was it for week 2. Every one of our daily by the minute practice plans for the entire season are here: //winningyouthfootball.com/youthfootballcoachingbook.php

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