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Week One Youth Football Practice End of Week One

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Youth Football Practice Week 1 in 2015

As we walk through my 2015 season, week by week, game by game, PLEASE STEAL/BORROW as many ideas as you can. The goal is to help you become a more effective youth football coach.

Day 3 also included an e-mail to the other coaches asking for feedback and questions again about a couple of kids we weren’t quite sure about. Day 3 was about offense. Our position groups on Day 3 were just Line and Backs. On Day 1 of week 2 it would be broken down into Quarterbacks, Line, Running Backs and Receivers. Day 3 was 80% Individual time, teaching the absolute basics using progressions, doing a near final wrap up of futher assessing and assigning positions within the position groups. The last 20 minutes of practice again would just be getting into a full team alignment with rapid subbing, with the final 10 minutes as game/team building/hidden conditioning time.

Day 4 was defense and special teams. Still without pads the first 15 minutes were about tackling fit fundamentals. The next 40 minutes were Defensive Indys in their position groups. The next 20 minutes focused on team pursuit drills. The next 20 minutes were base Defensive Recognition drills- which is about aligning properly and a 2 step read. We moved a couple kids around too. One didn’t have the body control for Linebacker so we moved him to Defensive End. Another didn’t have the speed or body control for Corner, so we moved him to Linebacker. The last 30 minutes were spent doing special teams tryouts for kicking and receiving.

Week 1 ended with our traditional water balloon wars commemorating everyone getting through week 1. While we could have had a Day 5 practice this week, we feel we can accomplish what we need in week 1 without having to go the full 5. You want to end that first week of your youth football practice on a high note and that’s always the case when kids are throwing hundreds of water balloons at each other.

Every one of our daily by the minute practice plans for the entire season are here: //winningyouthfootball.com/youthfootballcoachingbook.php

Again I can’t stress this enough. You can do the same if you focus on the big P’s:

Priorities- Where you invest your practice time.

Progressions- The ability to teach effectively and efficiently.

Precision- The Quality Control factor.

Pace- How fast you can go.


At the end of the day the coaches who master the four Ps- are the ones who will consistently win and retain players.

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